Elon musk and Jeff Bezos: The Billionaires have been beefing for more than a decade

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Shuja Hasan: The CA Aspirant turned Rapper is using Rap to Make the Corporate World Interesting and Engaging

The story of the young rapper Shuja Hasan who has set the corporate world ablaze with his entertaining raps.

Bond: The Low-risk Policy Providing Immense Opportunities for the Investors

With the regular investors now participating equally along with the other major market players, it is quite evident that the amount of risk is less in case of bonds and return is higher. This article brings you a close study of the different types of bonds in use in India!

The EV Revolution has started, But what happens to the Old Batteries?

When an EV battery reaches the end of its useful first life, manufacturers have three options: they can dispose of it, recycle the valuable metals, or reuse it.  

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan: The ‘Rain Man’ of Chennai

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan, popularly known as the 'Rain Man', saved Chennai during a fatal water crisis in 2019. A close look into a journey of more than two decades .

Ford Calls a Quit in India after Steady Downfall Over Years

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Amrullah Saleh: The Fearless Messiah Standing Tall amidst Terror-Stricken Afghanistan

While the entire Afghanistan had surrendered to the Taliban’s reign of terror, ‘forever spy’ Amrullah Saleh has stood tall enough to fight back from the Panjshir province. Here's a close look of the politician's inspirational career.

Nightbirde, is it really okay?

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Afghan Women Fear a Gloomy Tomorrow as Taliban Take Power after Twenty Years

Afghan women witnesses direst days as the Taliban return after twenty years.

Milkin Oats: The Oat-based-Milk Startup Serving as the Best Alternative to Dairy Milk

Milkin Oats provides an amazing alternative to dairy milk through their oat milk based products. Their vegan offering is a boon for people suffering from lactose intolerance.