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Capital-A Venture Capital Job


Make. Them. Successful.

Capital-A stands out as a venture fund because of its partnerships with entrepreneurs who share a deep and unwavering commitment to their businesses. What sets them apart is their unique approach, extending beyond mere financial backing. Founded by Ankit Kedia, the former promoter of Manjushree Technopack Ltd., a significant player in rigid plastics packaging in South Asia, Capital-A has put itself as a front-runner in the world of venture capital.

The firm specialises in seed to early-stage investment by either taking the lead in funding rounds or engaging as co-investors. The ticket size for their investments ranges from $50K to $500K along with active participation in follow-on rounds.

Being sector agnostic, the firm focuses on sectors where their deep understanding and operational expertise shine. This includes substantial investments in B2B space and consumer startups which show a good product-market fit and significant impact. Rather than succumbing to industry norms, they remain selective and make sure that their investments align with their core values and principles.

Capital A takes pride in its diverse and impactful portfolio which contains noteworthy companies like Bambrew, Leumas, DigiSparsh, Freadom, Entuple, Jiraaf, Matchlog, Oorja Energy, Auric, Pathfndr, Quizy, Freshok.

Core Team

Core Team

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Capital-A, Manjushree Capital Advisors ‘Maini Sadan’, 2nd Floor, No. 38, 7th Cross Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore – 560 001, Karnataka, India
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