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Artha India Ventures is a pioneering force driving innovation and supporting the growth of emerging startups. From seed to Series A, we actively contribute to the success of tech-enabled businesses displaying operational profitability and robust, defensible USPs. What sets us apart is our commitment to not just investing but actively mentoring and closely monitoring our portfolio startups, guiding them towards building sustainable and operationally sound businesses.

Responsibility of Investment Team Intern

•In-depth Research: Assist the team in conducting thorough research on potential investment opportunities, including market analysis, industry trends, and startup performance.

•Research Report: Support preparing comprehensive research reports that offer insights into the startups and industries under consideration.

•Financial Analysis: Support the team in analyzing startups’ financial statements and business models to assess viability and growth potential.

•Competition Analysis: Assist in evaluating the competitive landscape and identifying key strengths and weaknesses of potential investments.

•Financial Data Report Generation: Help generate and interpret financial data reports to support well-informed investment decisions.

•Portfolio Support: Work with the team to provide assistance to our portfolio companies, offering strategic guidance, resources, and support as needed.

•Data Analysis: Assist in collecting and analyzing data related to investment performance, market trends, and other crucial metrics.

•Administrative Task: Contribute to various administrative tasks to ensure the seamless operation of our venture capital activities.

Qualification for Investment Team Intern 

•Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship, or a related field.

•Strong interest in venture capital, startups, and entrepreneurship.

•Possess an analytical mindset with the ability to assess and interpret data effectively.

•Demonstrate excellent research and communication skills.

•Display self-motivation, attention to detail, and quick learning ability.

•Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and data analysis tools (e.g., Excel, Google Sheets).

Perks for Investment Team Intern

•Gain a unique opportunity to assist the team in hands-on experience in the venture capital industry.

•Get exposure to a diverse portfolio of startups and entrepreneurs.

•Receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in the field.

•Avail networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, industry experts, and fellow interns.

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