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100X.VC is currently accepting applications for its 6-month Analyst Trainee Program!

Our highly regarded 6-month Analyst Trainee Program has been instrumental in providing numerous young professionals with the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the realms of hashtagStartups, hashtagfunding, and Venture Capital. As one group of Analyst trainees completes their enriching journey, another cohort eagerly embarks on theirs.

Joining our team as an analyst trainee opens the door to a wealth of hands-on involvement with a diverse array of the nation’s premier startups. This experience also offers a comprehensive introduction to the intricate network of early-stage companies and venture capitalists. It serves as an exceptional launchpad for individuals aspiring to enter the dynamic domains of startups, venture capital, or those planning an MBA in the coming years.

What qualities are we seeking in an Analyst Trainee?
• Fundamental comprehension of India’s startup ecosystem, coupled with a fervent desire to delve deeper into this realm.
• Proficiency in analytical reasoning, adept networking capabilities, and effective communication skills.
• Recent graduate, preferably in Finance, with a readiness to operate from our Mumbai Office.
• Fundamental grasp of legal and financial terminology and adeptness in financial modeling.
• Exceptional verbal and written communication abilities.

If you’re motivated to excel in an immersive and intellectually stimulating environment, we encourage you to apply and potentially become a part of our dynamic team at 100X.VC.

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