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Beyond Next Ventures and ANRI, two leading VC companies that invest in startups in the deep tech field, will hold internships for those currently studying at overseas universities!

What is Beyond Next Ventures (BNV)?

We are a venture capital that aims to solve social issues and realize a better future by commercializing research seeds of universities and research institutes.
With the mission of “creating a society with outstanding challengers”, we will work with entrepreneurs from the technology seeds stage to commercialize in collaboration with universities, experts, business companies, government agencies, and invest and invest as a VC. Accelerate the growth of R&D startups through management support.

We have managed a total of 22 billion yen in funds, and have invested in 74 startups in Japan and overseas, mainly in the areas of drug discovery/biotechnology, medical equipment/healthcare, and agri/food.
Currently, we have a track record of exiting 2 IPO companies (QD Laser, Susmed) and 5 M&A companies (Exmedio, Repertoire Genesis, etc.), and through our acceleration program BRAVE, we have supported the founding of more than 50 companies.

I am looking forward to working with entrepreneurs and researchers who have the will and enthusiasm to take on the challenge of creating a better world through the commercialization of research seeds!

For BNV Candidates: Capitalist Internship Details

  • We will search for technology seeds such as universities and R & D startups, and evaluate seeds and companies that are investment candidates with capitalists (investment managers) in specialized fields.
  • We will conduct various research to accelerate the business growth of existing investee companies, and experience support work as a capitalist for investee companies.
  • Depending on your preference, it is also possible to experience work that supports the overseas business expansion of existing domestic invested startups.

What is ANRI?

ANRI is a venture capital firm with a wealth of seed and early stage investment and exit results, including support for business launches since before its founding. As seed funds, we operate five flagship funds and an ANRIGREEN fund that specializes in decarbonization, with a scale of approximately 70 billion yen.

Quantum computers such as QunaSys and Jij, Craif for early diagnosis of cancer from urine, etc., support startups from the technology seeds stage at universities and research institutes, assign management candidates, and support the launch of startups from scratch. I’m here.

Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases of investments in startups founded locally by researchers living overseas, and we will support global challenges from Day 1!

For ANRI Applicants: Internship Details

  • <Contents of internship>
    This is not a program aiming to be a capitalist, but a preparation program for technology exploration and management candidates for the founding of startups.
  • (Mainly for researchers)
    Research and report on the latest trends in specific technical areas through papers and academic conferences based on the investment hypotheses of capitalists (investors) in specialized areas. You can go further and discuss the feasibility of starting a startup based on your own research.
  • (Mainly for MBA students)
    As a startup manager candidate based on the technology seeds being considered by a capitalist (investment manager) in a specialized field, you will be responsible for overseas startup trends and business planning.

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