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We’re looking for a Content Lead who can unlock company-building insights at scale and tell the stories of Blume and our founders’ impact on the Indian ecosystem. We see deep founder-indexed content as the core aspect of being India’s most loved and founder-friendly VC firm and want to double down on our content engine over the next 2-3 years.

We are seeking an exceptional candidate for this role. The candidate will work with the VP of marketing to create and manage best-in-class content properties such as deep-dive write-ups, podcasts, books, founder handbooks, and reports. They’ll also take charge of Blume’s content distribution across digital media channels, impact measurement, and reporting.  In doing so, you’ll have a driver’s seat view into our collective tribal knowledge and help us amplify our predictive outlook on the next big thing for Indian startups.

Blume’s content marketing team is an evolving function, and this role is perfect for someone ready to roll up their sleeves and make an impact. If you’re looking for a challenge that will keep you on your toes and push you to grow, this is it.

We won’t sugarcoat it—this role requires hard work, dedication, and a commitment to learning and experimentation. But if you’re passionate about creating killer content, going to town with it, and aren’t afraid to put in the effort, you’ll find this work incredibly rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

We’re building something special here, and we need someone ready to dive in headfirst and help shape the future of our content marketing efforts. If that sounds like you, we’d love to chat.

What you’ll do:

  • A typical week may include brainstorming themes and speakers for podcasts, interviewing founders on GTM articles for D2C companies, reviewing and editing the write-up shared by an editorial fellow for the founder handbook, keeping an eye on social media trends to repurpose and share content from Blume’s content vault, providing feedback to production agencies on podcast recordings/video recordings, sending out the Blume Beacon newsletter, updating the social media stats for Blume’s social media handles in analytics dashboard, and socializing Blume’s latest Agritech thesis with journalists.

  • To succeed in this role, apart from great writing and editing skills, you must have a strong understanding of content marketing, how social media works, how new media technologies shape media, and how Blume can leverage them to drive our marketing efforts. You should understand the latest social media trends and know how to use AI to create impactful marketing content that resonates with our target audience.

  • 60-70% of your time will be spent on content creation and editorial work, and 30-40% on content distribution/ops. Here’s a more detailed description.

    • Social Media Management: You’ll own and manage Blume Ventures’ social media presence, creating and maintaining the content calendar, producing high-quality posts, and ensuring brand consistency. Your role involves developing creative ideas to repurpose existing content, identifying opportunities for engaging content and driving growth through strategic metric analysis.

    • Content Creation and Management: As part of the content creation team, you’ll create articles addressing founders’ pain points. You’ll also review and edit write-ups from freelancers/Blume editorial fellows and help them push the quality bar. You’ll collaborate with the community and other teams to juice out event-related content. Finally, you’ll provide editorial support to the Blume team, enabling them to publish cutting-edge content.

    • Content Operations: You’ll oversee activities to ensure timely, high-quality content publication across all platforms. This includes managing the content calendar, the website’s content management platform, newsletter production, podcast editing, and book publishing. You’ll also get an opportunity to learn and own content distribution of our newsletters, social media, and website. You’ll also be able to measure the impact of what we are creating by tracking key metrics across channels – website traffic, social media performance, newsletter engagement, and podcast statistics.

What you’ll get:

  • A committed career path for at least three years with defined milestones, metrics, and ambitious goals to challenge you and help you see the immediate value add to our team – and the potential to carve out a career-defining long-term journey with us if there’s a strong yes from both sides to continue this journey together!

  • A flexible work environment with regular feedback and learning conversations.

  • We are also happy to carve out ~10-15% of your time to support the larger Blume team on special projects in some of our other functions, or if you have a special project you’d like to work on as well that you believe will add value to us and you. We can discuss this approximately 1 year into the role.

  • A hands-on as well as birds-eye view of Venture Capital, with immense opportunities for learning through apprenticeship, shadowing and informal mentoring

You Have:
  • 4 to 6 years of prior experience creating content around business, technology, startups, lifestyle, economy, media, or related areas.

  • A body of work showcasing impeccable editorial and writing skills

  • A keen understanding of how content drives brand-building

  • Experience managing social media channels (primarily Twitter and LinkedIn)

  • Multimedia skills (graphics, audio + video creation) will be ++ icing on the cake!

  • Strong project management skills, not unlike a great event or content IP producer

  • The strategic ability to extrapolate and create content from conversations

  • A high level of comfort with deadlines and managing multiple projects simultaneously for the firm

  • A desire to make your mark in content marketing by working in an exciting space, with growth trajectories limited only by your own ambitions

  • Strong stakeholder management skills, with a network of contacts across press, content creation, startups, and digital marketing that you can leverage to meet our goals


  • A whiz with words, and love storytelling in all forms

  • Able to simplify the most complex of concepts into easy and accessible language

  • Obsessed with grammar, language, form, and most of all – deadlines!

  • Aware of the Indian startup and VC ecosystem – macro trends, sectoral shifts, emerging trends, and the key players

  • Equally comfortable with tweets, newsletters, podcasts, editorials and press releases

  • Looking for the opportunity to work in a fast-growing company that is committed to providing support, growth, and professional development as part of everyday work

  • Eager to work with some of the best minds in Indian VC and build a career limited only by your aspirations

What it’s like to work at Blume:

While we’re lucky 13 years old this year, in some ways we are still building Blume from the ground up. We rely strongly on a First Principles approach, and that means questioning the way things were done before. VC is first and foremost a relationship-driven business, so we do prioritize a positive interaction with everyone we meet.

We have a decentralized leadership that is committed to helping Blume grow in the right way. This may mean sometimes, you get five different answers to one question, and the right person will see this as an opportunity rather than a roadblock in figuring out their next steps. Our team has high ownership and high expectations – we fully understand that we may not always be able to control the outcomes of certain situations, and therefore, review success also in terms of our inputs – did we do everything possible we could from our side to make something happen?

This approach isn’t for everyone, especially if you’ve been used to clearer frameworks, targets, single-threaded reporting, and working with relatively fewer inputs. However, for someone who understands the end goal, the process and journey along the way are wonderfully positive challenges that will push you to grow personally and professionally.

Blume has been—and continues to be—a pioneer in early-stage investing in India by taking a “full stack” VC approach to providing specialist support to our companies. Our approach differs from others, and we over-index on passion, ownership, and founder empathy.

This role is a full-time employee of Blume Ventures, based out of one of our offices in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, or Bangalore.

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