Accel Atoms – $250k Funding


If you are an early stage founder in India, come partner with us and be a part of the Accel family. Raise $250K in non-dilutive capital and get 1:1 mentoring from the best operators in the industry

How is the program structured? How long does it last?

  • Atoms is operated as 2 cohorts per year, with each lasting 100 days – think of it as a preparation week followed by a three month learning academy.
  • The two cohorts are the Diwali Cohort (from September to November) and the Holi Cohort (January to March).

What makes Accel Atoms special

  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Non-dilutive capital
  • Complete access to network and resources

What happens during the program?

  • The program will support you with capital, personalised coaching and access to a community of founders and experts. You can read more on each of them in the respective sections.

Is this a virtual or a physical program? Do I have to travel?

  • We would love to have the Atoms founders spend the first and last two weeks of the program together in person in Bengaluru. However, until we have the pandemic to deal with, the program will run fully remotely.

How mature does my startup need to be before I can apply?

  • Atoms is meant for companies at almost any early stage. A founder with intriguing market insights drawn on a paper napkin is just as much of a fit as a company with early PMF and a handful of paying customers. We do ask that founders are working on their startup full-time before applying.
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