Accelerating Asia Flagship Program – Upto $250k Funding


It’s our guiding belief that entrepreneurs are catalysts for positive change that drives the team to support and invest in startups from across the region. For us it’s not just about financial returns. At Accelerating Asia we focus on profitability, growth and impact.

Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Accelerating Asia’s early-stage VC fund focuses on pre-Series A startups with untapped potential that are 6-18 months away from institutional funding.  

While most angel investors and startup programs in the region focused on ideation-minimum viable product stage startups, and venture funds focused on solid product-market fit, startups with a robust product at early stages of customer traction are often overlooked. That is where Accelerating Asia comes in. Our accelerator and venture capital model are designed to support pre-Series A startups to fast-track growth and drive success, unlocking the potential in them so startups and us can grow together.


  • Invest in the region’s best pre-Series A startups.
  • Give Founders access to investor networks, funding, resources, opportunities and the resources they need to scale.
  • Partner with governments, development organisations, MNCs and impact investors to implement programs and build the ecosystem.
  • Have a positive impact on the world by investing in startups contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

A tailored program for your startup

Our hands on approach targets your startup pain points in 100 days through network access, tools and expertise.

Startup Benefits

  1. Investment: Up to US$250k – Accelerating Asia Ventures invests up to US$250k into pre-Series A tech startups through our early stage Venture Capital fund into startups joining our flagship accelerator program. We invest US$100k up front with a potential US$150k in follow-on funding.
  2. Tailored Advice & Program – Growth, business models. scaling, fundraising, and marketing, our expert team has your startup needs covered with dedicated 1-1 sessions, masterclasses, investor connections and Demo Day designed to 10X in 100 days.
  3. A global network – Unlock our network of fellow Founders, Mentors, Partners, Investors across the world. From Southeast Asia, South Asia to the Valley, Accelerating Asia Ventures has a diverse network to fuel your startup at scale.
  4. Portfolio Support – It’s a long term partnership when you join Accelerating Asia Ventures. Post-program, you receive dedicated support from the our team and ongoing access to our community so there’s always someone there to support your startup.

Investment Terms

Startups joining Accelerating Asia gain business validation and international exposure. Our portfolio is recognised as the best place for pre-Series A startups. As a team of ex Founders,, we know the value of getting investors that align with your vision and growth trajectory.

As an independent VC accelerator we invest up to US$250k in startups who are part of our flagship program via a SAFE note.

Separate to the investment, we also charge an additional program fee of US$35k and 3% equity. That’s in line with or a slightly better deal depending on where you look to other (we won’t name them) international accelerators.

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