Atomic Fellowship – Grad Capital


We give $5,000 to students who want to make their science & engineering projects into large companies. Companies that change the world and fulfils the promise of science.

In terms of the impact you will create, $5,000 will feel like what an atom feels like to the hardware. Atoms are also capable of changing the world – producing high energy, or becoming the basis for the next transistor.

In our experience, students have the ability to move mountains with little money – so your work is as powerful and similar to an atom in a molecule.

The Atomic Fellowship is a grant program launched by gradCapital and works with Emergent Ventures – backed by Peter Thiel foundation. The fellowship comes with an option of an additional $40k investment by gradCapital.

Students are irrational optimists who can change human trajectory

There’s a promise of science & engineering that’s unfulfilled. It’s spoken in research labs, text books, and movies. It’s the irrational, impatient, passionate student who will build the science we need. Bringing the next cancer drug, processor, satellite, or energy source to the world.

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