Tata Steel Innoverse – Innovation Challenges – ₹5L per each category


At Tata Steel, Innovation is an integral part of our journey towards excellence. Spurred by the spirit of innovation, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies and designing solutions that help transform processes, improve efficiencies and enhance customer experience. We understand that the best ideas do not necessarily come from within the organisation or industry. We’re open to collaborate in the development of new and sustainable steel products or processes and in creating new steel applications. Through Tata Steel Innoverse, we are aiming to reach out to solvers globally and provide them a platform to demonstrate their skills and creativity for developing novel solutions to solve real world industry challenges.


  • Creatively engage with stimulating problems beyond your own context
  • Use the opportunity to express your leading edge solutions
  • Contribute to the emerging phenomenon of collaborative solutioning
  • Help Tata Steel accelerate its innovations in the complex value chain

Open Challenges

  1. Prediction of Pipeline failure in coal washeries
  2. Improving the visibility during foggy weather for continuous operation of dumpers
  3. Economic solution for waterless dust suppression system in Opencast Iron Mines
  4. Reducing moisture in dispatched iron ore to improve flowability and reduce freight charges
  5. Increased rate of vegetation growth in mine dumps to enhance greenery
  6. Detection of level of muck deposition in Coke Oven Gas and dust collection pipelines
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