Salty Bags ₹5.4 Cr Funding to Redefine Fashion Jewelry Landscape

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India is the second-biggest jewelry market in the world. It is currently valued at $40 billion annually with a focus on special occasions like weddings. However, this has left the younger generation in need of stylish and versatile fashion accessories that could be easily integrated into their daily lives. Founded in 2022 by the dynamic trio of Sonaal Goel, Twishaa Gupta, and Kanishka Garg, Salty has quickly positioned itself as a beacon of style, catering specifically to the younger generation. With a mission of redefining the traditional industry of fashion jewellery, Salty has secured Rs 5.4 crore in a funding round led by All in Capital and Anicut Capital, with support from strategic investors Suashish Diamonds, JK Group, and various angel investors.

Ashish Goenka of the Suashish Group mentioned, “We were impressed by the team and think that this venture is aligned with the emergence of fashion accessories as a category today’s generation is in tune with. The team has come up with unique designs which demonstrate that they have a pulse on what younger generations want.”

The front page of Salty
The front page of Salty

In a very short time, Salty has not only gained popularity but has also become one of India’s fastest-growing accessories brands with over one lakh orders fulfilled. The capital infusion will play a key role in pushing Salty further on its journey, including helping in workforce expansion, launching of new product range, growing distribution channels, and strengthening the brand’s digital footprint through the launch of a dedicated mobile app.

“We are excited to back Salty’s vision of bringing high-quality and affordable accessories to Indian consumers. Salty has shown exceptional efficiency in its one-year journey. We believe that Salty has the potential to become a key player in the e-commerce and jewelry space. We look forward to collaborating closely with the Salty team to achieve their ambitious goals and contribute to their continued success,” said Ajay Anand, Partner, Anicut Capital.

Salty has distinguished itself by catering to not only special occasions but also everyday wear, showing the evolving preferences of the modern consumer. The brand’s focus on versatility aligns with the shift in consumer behaviour, where individuals seek trendy, expressive accessories that resonate with their unique style.

Some of the prodcuts available in Salty
Some of the prodcuts available in Salty

Supported and Incubated by InFed, the business incubator at IIM-Nagpur, Salty has not only gained recognition through its approval into the Startup India Seed Fund program but has also fostered a community of 100,000 followers on Instagram. With this funding, Salty is now preparing for a new phase of growth where it aims to become a 100-crore company in the next few years, solidifying its position in the landscape of fashion accessories.

“We are thrilled to have such experienced consumer space investors as partners. Their support speaks volumes about the potential that is there in this space and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. This is not just a financial milestone; it’s a testament to the hard work of our team and the unwavering support of our community. We aim to achieve 40 crore annual revenue run rate in 2024 and expand our design range to include over 3000 products,” shared Kanishka Garg, Twishaa Gupta, and Sonaal Goel, Co-Founders of Salty.

On a road to transform everyday fashion

Salty is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) fashion jewelry brand which was founded in 2022 by Twishaa Gupta, Sonaal Goel, and Kanishka Garg with a focus on the younger generation and offering stylish and versatile fashion accessories that seamlessly integrate into daily lives. With a dedicated focus on redefining the jewellery landscape, Salty has rapidly positioned itself as one of India’s fastest-growing accessories brands.

The fast rise can be credited to its commitment to maintaining diversity in its products by having designs suitable for every occasion. From statement earrings to elegant necklaces, Salty has made sure to design perfect pieces that complement any moment for both men and women. The brand’s dedication to offering a wide range of options showcases its mission to redefine the traditional landscape of fashion jewelry.

“What truly sets Salty apart from other fashion Accessories brands is their focus on quality. All of our products are made with good quality materials that will not tarnish easily, and the best part is Salty is able to deliver these high-quality accessories at very pocket-friendly prices. We believe that in this world of fast-changing trends, being fashionable shouldn’t necessarily mean burning a hole in your pocket.” Said the founders on the launch of the platform.

Endorsed by the Government of India through the Startup India Seed Fund Program, Salty has remained to its commitment to maintaining excellence, customer satisfaction, and affordability.

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