Brij Hotels Secures $4 Million in Series A Funding To Transform The Hospitality Industry

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In the world of hospitality, luxury hotels often come at a cost to the environment, with large footprints, high energy consumption, and a reliance on non-local resources. Understanding this disconnect, Brij Hotels set out to bridge this gap by combining sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact without compromising on luxury and guest experience.

On its mission to transform the hotel industry, Brij Hotels has successfully closed its Series A funding round, raising $4 million in the round led by the Manipal Education & Medical Group (MEMG) Family Office along with participation from Abhay Jain, Abhiroop Jayanthi of Bain Capital, Rajendra Rao, and Prashant Deshpande.

With the newly secured funds, Brij Hotels will be focusing on exploring new opportunities, enhancing its guest experiences, and solidifying its position as a leader in the sustainable hospitality landscape, according to the press release by Brij Hotels.

“Brij Hotels’ blend of luxury and local engagement is a refreshing take for the modern traveler. We believe that under the leadership of Udit and Anant, the Brij team is creating a unique company in leisure travel,” said Ranjan Pai, Chairman of the Manipal Education & Medical Group.

Founded in 1991 by Udit Kumar and Anant Kumar, Brij Hotels has distinguished itself in the hospitality industry due to its focus on sustainability and helping its guests experience unique local culture. The company uses the zero-kilometer concept to minimize environmental impact by sourcing materials, produce, and services locally to support local businesses, and reduce carbon emissions from transportation while promoting sustainability within the communities where their hotels are located.

Currently, Brij Hotels’ has eight operational properties in Dharamshala, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Raipur, Varanasi, Dalhousie, and Bikaner. Every Brij Hotels property is carefully designed to blend luxury with the local culture, giving guests a deep, immersive experience that reflects the essence of the region.

“At Brij Hotels, our commitment goes beyond providing luxurious stays; it extends to celebrating and empowering the heart and soul of our destinations – the local communities. We are excited to have the support of investors like the MEMG Family Office, Abhiroop Jayanthi, who share our vision,” Brij Hotels co-founder Udit Kumar said.

Launched in 2021, Brij Hotels has quickly grown to become a prominent player in the luxury hospitality market with eight boutique hotels across seven cities in North India. The founders Udit Kumar and Anant Kumar drew inspiration for Brij Hotels from their travels around the world. Their goal was to create distinctive, personalized hotels that highlight the local culture and traditions of each region.

Recently, Udit Kumar, one of the founders talked about the different experiences guests can have at each hotel. Brij Bageecha in Jaipur is like a villa-style resort with private sit-in pools and a peaceful lake surrounded by lush greenery. meanwhile, Brij Rama Palace in Varanasi is their flagship hotel, offering an exceptional stay right on the banks of the sacred Ganges River.

On the other hand, Brij Pola Jawai in Rajasthan is all about luxury tents in the wild, with a naturalist and personal butler at your service. In contrast, Brij Lakshman Sagar in Pali, Rajasthan, offers cozy cottages with private pools and historic water features. Meanwhile, Brij Nest Suites in Jaipur reflects the city’s culture, with a focus on birding. Brij Gaj Kesri in Bikaner showcases Marwari art and architecture whereas Brij Villa in Dalhousie is full of colonial artifacts and offers views of the Himalayas.

Moving forward, the company also plans to expand to 50 assets across India. With two new hotels set to open soon in Bhowali-Nainital and Dharamshala, Brij Hotels is actively exploring locations such as Pokhara, Mulshi, Raipur Fort, and Lucknow.

“We are currently inundated with prospects as we are seeing an exponential rise in experiential travel. With a clear vision of doing upto 50 assets in India, we are currently building properties in Pokhara – Nepal, Mulshi – Maharashtra, Raipur Fort – Pali and Lucknow – Uttar Pradesh.

In addition to this within the next 3 months, we are launching properties in Bhowali- Nainital, Dharamshala, and Bandhavgarh. We are also exploring locations such as Ooty, Goa, Coorg, and Mashobra with various individuals.”

The founders of Brij Hotels, Udit and Anant Kumar, were inspired by the life and work of their great-grandfather, Babu Brijpal Das Ji. They admired his passion for helping others and his love for Varanasi and its people.

Seeing how their great-grandfather had built a successful business in the hospitality industry, they got the idea to continue his legacy in a new way. They wanted to create something unique and special, hotels that offered not just a place to stay, but also unforgettable experiences.

Udit and Anant Kumar traveled to various remote and exotic locations, experiencing the beauty of these places firsthand. They realized that there was a way to combine their love for travel with their desire to support local communities and preserve the environment.

Brij Hotels, Bikaner

With this vision in mind, they founded Brij Hotels. Their goal was to create a collection of hotels in unmatched locations, offering guests the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and nature while contributing to the well-being of the communities they visited.

“Our vision is to revolutionise the concept of luxury by prioritising privacy and creating personalised settings that resonate with today’s discerning travellers. We understand the desire to immerse oneself in local culture, engage with the staff and community, and disconnect from the constant presence of technology. At Brij, we cherish the simple pleasures and moments of joy that may often be overlooked in everyday life, such as the feeling of walking on grass. Our properties provide an earthy and intimate atmosphere, allowing guests to truly relax, connect with their surroundings, and enjoy a tranquil environment devoid of large crowds,” Kumar concluded.

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