A Novel Solution to Farm Produce Spoilage: Mahek Parvez’s SunHarvested CoolRooms

Mahek Parvez’s SunHarvested CoolRooms provide an accessible and sustainable solution to increase the shelf life of fresh produce.

Clean-Water is on a mission to restore water bodies in India: Meet Priyanshu Kumath, the ‘Water Hero’ who kickstarted this endeavour

With an aim to conserve and protect millions of waterbodies, Priyanshu Kumath, and his team at Clean-Water employ cutting-edge technology to restore waterbodies.

Skydiving with an Eco-Friendly Twist! 11-time Guinness World Record Holder disperses 100 million seeds into the deforested Brazilian Amazon

In January 2023, famed skydiver Luigi Cani dispersed 100 million native seeds from a plane in the Amazon rainforest.

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