Capria Ventures

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Capria Ventures

Capria – CAP ree ah – means ‘capital flow’

Capria Ventures is a Global South specialist venture capital firm that provides capital and global collaboration to tech companies in the Global South building scalable, profitable businesses that improve the lives of hundreds of millions. Capria Ventures focuses on investing in tech startups in the entrepreneurial hotspots of India, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

They invest in early stage, venture, and seed stage startups. Their average first ticket of their 2023 $100 million fund ranged from $2 million to $3 million.

The firm focuses on Applied generative AI and has made over 370+ investments across 37 countries. Their primary sectors are Fintech, Edtech, Agtech, Healthtech, SaaS, and Jobtech.

Their portfolio companies include SeamlessHR, BharatAgri, Agrofy, betterplace, Masai School, homeagent, cuemath, 5C Network, among many others.


Core Team

Core Team
Will Poole, Susana Garcia-Robles, Surya Mantha, Dave Richards

Contact Information

220 2nd Avenue South Suite 201 Seattle, WA 98104 United States
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