Omidyar Network India

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Omidiyar Network India

Omidyar Network India

Partnering bold and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are working to improve the lives of India’s Next Half Billion

Omidyar Network India invests in bold entrepreneurs who help create a meaningful life for every Indian, especially the hundreds of millions of Indians in low-income and lower-middle-income populations, ranging from the poorest among us to the existing middle class. To drive empowerment and impact at scale, we work with entrepreneurs in the private, nonprofit and public sectors, who are tackling India’s hardest and most chronic problems.

Omidyar invests in the areas of Advancing Cities, Digital Society, Education and Employability, Emerging Tech, Financial Inclusion & Well Being and Property Inclusivity. They are also focused on several emerging areas of investment such as Open Digital Ecosystems, Sustainable Living, The Equal Opportunities Lab, India Innovation Insights Hub. Omidyar Network India is part of the Omidyar Group, a diverse collection of companies, organizations and initiatives, supported by philanthropists Pam and Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.

Core Team

Core Team
Aditya Misra, Amol Warange, Lakshmi Pattabi Raman, Sarvesh Kanodia, Treasa Mathew


Products & Services
Impact Investments in Smart Cities, Education, Technology, Financial inclusion, Property Inclusion
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