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Speciale Invest

Speciale Invest

Unlocking Future Technologies

Speciale Invest, an early-stage venture capital firm, is led by a team of tech enthusiasts who focus on innovation that leads the way for large-scale impact on people and communities. Founded in 2017 by co-founders Vishesh Rajaram and Arjun Rao, the firm currently invests in more than 20 companies focusing on deep-tech innovations across enterprise software and frontier technologies. The firm focuses on long-term partnerships with almost half of its total fund reserved for follow-up investments.

Speciale Invest specialises in early-stage investments, mainly focusing on pre-seed and seed funding opportunities. In the early investment phase, the firm also provides cheques usually changing from $500K to $750K with the average ticket size for 2023 reportedly being ₹10 to 20 crores.

The firm’s outlook on its multi-disciplinary investment approach can be seen through the broad range of technologies in its investment portfolio such as Enterprise Software & SaaS, as well as Frontier-Tech/Deep-Tech which includes but is not limited to Climate Tech, Clean Energy, Space Tech, Robotics, and Synthetic Biology.

Speciale Invest’s portfolio features companies that are at the forefront of technological innovations such as Agnikul Cosmos, Airboxr, Astrogate Labs, Bluecopa, GalaxEye, Looppanel, Pay3, Never Install, Mindgrove Tech, and QNu Labs, among others.

Core Team

Core Team
Vishesh Rajaram, Arjun Rao, Mridula Menon, Vishnu Rajeev, Dhanush Ram, Sunil Cavale

Contact Information

The Grid, 8/14, Central Ave, Kesavaperumalpuram, Gandhi Nagar, Kesavaperumal puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028
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