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Empowering founders to build and grow global SaaS brands

With a focus on B2B SaaS entrepreneurship, Upekkha provides a perfect environment for both fledgling and seasoned founders striving to carve a global niche in the SaaS sector. Along with a carefully curated community of more than 300 founders, Upekkha has an ecosystem of over 165 startups.

Upekkha's threefold focus on coaching, community, and capital allows founders to experience the transformative SaaS flywheel effect while creating self-sustaining momentum for growth. The firm aims to minimize costly errors by providing real-life insights, cutting-edge resources, and shared experiences, allowing founders to fast-track progress.

Upekkha primarily focuses on pre-seed investments, supporting B2B SaaS startups at the initial stages of their development with a ticket size of around $125,000.

With a global presence, Upekkha has integrated one out of every six SaaS startups from India into its network. The portfolio comprises 200+ companies across diverse sectors, including MarTech, HR Tech, FinTech, Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Mobile Computing, ITES, Healthcare, Retail, Utility, Education, ESG, and Business Intelligence.

Some notable companies which are included in the Upekkha’s portfolio are API Platform, AShield Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Aarogram, AdNabu, AllEvents, Finly, Freshreview, QuickSell, Sogage, ThoughtFlow, TransportSimple, and Videoform.


Core Team

Core Team
Prasanna, Shekar, Thiyarajan M, Gokul, Tanuka, Rohith, Fahad, Gayathri

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