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Entrepreneur First invests in exceptional individuals to build startups from scratch.

We have an initial application deadline of 14th January for this role and will respond to all applications by 16th January to confirm next steps

Entrepreneur First invests in exceptional individuals to build startups from scratch. We bring together talented outliers to develop their most ambitious ideas and raise money from the world’s best investors.
Since pioneering Talent Investing in 2014, we’ve learned to recognize individuals with extraordinary futures before anyone else, embedding them in a community of ambitious peers and giving them the tools they need to succeed, fast. We back them before they have a company, a team, even before they have an idea, based purely on talent.
The startups cofounded on our programs are now worth over $10B, and include Tractable, Magic Pony Technology, Cleo, La Vie, Aztec, Sonantic, and many more.
EF is backed by some of the world’s leading founders and investors, including Patrick and John Collison (Stripe); Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Tom Blomfield (GoCardless and Monzo), Sara Clemens (Whatnot and Twitch); Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind); and Matt Mullenweg (WordPress). We exist to make great companies happen that otherwise wouldn’t.
We are looking for a Founder’s Associate to support our co-founder and CEO, Alice Bentinck, with the smooth running of her day-to-day responsibilities, to ensure we can effectively translate strategy into execution. Your job is to be a force multiplier to Alice, ensuring she has access to the right information at the right time to be maximally effective.  You will be employed on an initial contract of 12-18 months with the possibility to convert to a permanent role subject to business need and your performance.

What you’ll do

  1.  Support Alice to effectively manage the Leadership team
    • Ensure Alice and those she manages are well prepared for 1:1s, team meetings and offsites. This includes making sure high leverage agendas are set, relevant data is available and “to dos” are clearly recorded and subsequently actioned.
  2.  Ad hoc project management 
    • Sometimes projects emerge which don’t fit neatly into any one function at EF and you will be first in line to own these. This could be something which you’re required to own as an individual contributor, or something you’re required to own as an end-to-end project manager, working across sites and functions.
  3.  Ensure Alice is prepared for external meetings 
    • Whether it’s an investor meeting, or a meeting with a potential or current cohort member, you will liaise with relevant members of the EF team to ensure Alice has the right information to make the most of the time. You’ll make sure there are clear agendas and objectives for these meetings, and that follow ups are clearly recorded and actioned.
  4.  Provide ad hoc support to teams where required
    • EF is made up of small lean teams that are able to get an incredible amount done with relatively limited resources. Nonetheless, sometimes there are big “spikes” in our workload. Where appropriate, you’ll be able to jump in to support teams to get important projects over the line.

Who you are

You likely have 2-3 years of experience in startups or consulting and excel in the following areas;
  1.  Operationally excellent: You have experience sequencing and delivering complex, cross-functional projects from end-to-end. You consistently produce high quality work against tight timelines.
  2.  Clarity of thought: You can explain and articulate complex ideas, simply and effectively. You can comprehend and synthesise a large amount of nuanced information. Your written and verbal communication is highly structured.
  3.  Experienced upwards manager: You have experience productively managing and influencing stakeholders of all levels; those at peer level, as well as those more junior and senior to you.
  4.  Proactive problem solver and radical owner: You spot problems in advance and proactively find creative solutions. You take radical ownership for your work and aren’t afraid to “run through walls” to get things done.
  5.  Thrive in ambiguity: You are comfortable navigating ambiguous environments. You are known as the go-to person for creating clarity from chaos.
  6.  Relationship builder: You have a track record of building productive working relationships at all levels of a fast paced organisation.
  7.  Curious about what we do: You are curious to learn more about Talent Investing, the emerging frontier of Venture Capital.
  • Level: This is an Associate-level role
  • Term: This is a fixed term position for 12-18 months
  • Location/travel: This is a London-based role. You may be required to travel internationally, between our bases on both coasts of the US, London, Paris and Bangalore.
  • Eligibility: You must have permission to work in the UK. Unfortunately we are unable to sponsor visas for this role.

What we offer

  • A competitive salary and generous upside potential based on performance
  • A buzzing office space full of technical founders working on world changing businesses
  • The opportunity to supercharge your learning by working with a diverse global team across Europe, Asia and North America
  • Attractive vacation allowance; in addition to our annual leave policy, we also close our offices globally for around two weeks over Christmas and New Year
  • A Learning & Development allowance to purchase any product or service that will contribute to your personal or professional development
  • Enhanced parental leave, plus broader leave policies. We care about our team and enabling the right balance between home and working life

About Entrepreneur First

At Entrepreneur First, we believe that a small number of exceptional people will have an extraordinary impact by creating the technology companies which shape the future in ways we cannot yet imagine. We also believe that for many of these individuals, entrepreneurship is not an obvious or entirely legible career path.

We exist to identify, and amplify the impact of, these individuals. We do this via our unique approach to company creation, which sees us identify and work with outliers before they even know they’re outliers, right through to the day they prove it. We call this Talent Investing.

The startups cofounded on our programs are now worth over $10B, and include Tractable, Magic Pony Technology, Cleo, La Vie, Aztec, Sonantic, and many more.

EF is funded and backed by some of the world’s best founders and investors, including Patrick and John Collison (Stripe), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Tom Blomfield (GoCardless and Monzo) and Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind). Having raised our Series C round of investment at the end of 2021, we are well-capitalised out to 2026 and have ambitious plans to further scale our impact over the coming years.

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