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Portfolio Analyst – Artha Venture Fund– As a Portfolio Analyst at Artha Venture Fund, you will play a critical role in managing and optimizing our portfolio of investments. You will work closely with the investment team to evaluate the performance of our portfolio companies, provide actionable insights, and assist in making strategic decisions to maximize returns. This role offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a diverse range of industries and contribute to the success of innovative startups. At Artha, you immerse yourself with diverse founding teams to gain invaluable experience and align with our investment ethos.

Responsibilities –

• Portfolio Management:

o  Conduct thorough and ongoing analysis of portfolio companies’ financial performance, market positioning, and competitive landscape.

o  Develop detailed financial models to assess the health and growth potential of investments, including revenue projections, cost structures, and valuation metrics.

o  Evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks, tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement.

o  Perform sensitivity analysis and scenario planning to assess potential risks and opportunities.

o  Implement and maintain sophisticated tracking systems to monitor the progress of portfolio companies.

o  Develop customized dashboards and reporting tools to visualize performance metrics and trends.

o  Conduct regular portfolio reviews and participate in discussions to identify underperforming investments, developing strategies for improvement.

o  Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and competitive landscapes to inform investment and portfolio management strategies.

• Reporting and Communication:

o  Prepare comprehensive and data-driven reports and presentations for internal stakeholders, including partners, investment committee members, and external investors.

o  Effectively communicate findings and recommendations, translating complex financial data into actionable insights.

o  Collaborate with portfolio companies to collect relevant data and ensure accurate reporting.

• Qualifications:

o  Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).

o  CA (Chartered Accountant) or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification is a must.

o  Demonstrated expertise in financial modeling and proficiency in creating complex financial models for investment analysis.

o  Previous experience in venture capital, private equity, investment banking, or a similar role, with a strong track record in portfolio management.

o  Exceptional analytical skills, including the ability to perform in-depth financial analysis, data modeling, and risk assessment.

o  Excellent communication and presentation abilities, with a demonstrated ability to convey complex financial information clearly and concisely.

o  Deep familiarity with venture capital, startup ecosystems, and emerging technologies.

o  Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills.

o  Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a high-performing team.

o  Passion for innovation and a proactive approach to staying informed about industry trends and developments.

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