build3 Impact Accelerator – Upto INR 25 Lakhs In Pre-seed Funding Per Startup


1. About build3 Impact Accelerator

build3 Impact Accelerator is a program that aims to help young founders and startups grow and make a positive impact. We focus on early-stage startups that want to change the world for the better. The goal is to turn these startups into successful, long-lasting companies. We believe that great founders make great startups, and plan to support them every step of the way. We are dedicated to finding solutions that not only make money but also benefit society. With a focus on sustainability and social impact, build3 Impact Accelerator is a driving force for startups that want to make a difference in the world.

build3 impact accelerator

2. Benefits of build3 Impact Accelerator:

  • Training and Mentorship: build3 Impact Accelerator provides comprehensive training and mentorship to help startups at different stages of development. Startups will receive guidance on refining concepts, team building, and initial market validation. For startups with a product but still fine-tuning their market fit, biA offers support in scaling, customer acquisition, and preparation for significant funding rounds.
  • Community Startup Building: Selected members of the build3 Impact Accelerator cohort will spend 12 weeks living and working in a startup community in Goa. Additionally, the selected founders will have access to the community’s startup-focused events and receive support for various functions crucial for growing a startup.
  • Access to Capital: For startups in need of capital to scale their operations, build3 Impact Accelerator offers access to funding opportunities. This accelerator focuses on helping startups in scaling, acquire customers, and prepare for significant funding rounds.

3. Application Process for build3 Impact Accelerator

  • Apply to Cohort 3:

The application process begins with a short form to determine your eligibility for the program. After the initial form, founders will be asked to fill out a detailed form that captures more information about their startup journey. Following the form submission, an interview will take place to understand their passion and commitment to your startup. If the startup is already functional and has a product (pre-pmf), the founders only need to fill out a single form before the interview.

  • Invitation to Cohort 3:

If the application is selected, selected individuals will receive an invitation to attend Cohort 3 of the build3 Impact Accelerator. All applicants go through a 2-3 stage evaluation process to assess compatibility, capability, and commitment. The evaluation also considers factors such as founder passion, long-term business intent, founder-problem fit, understanding of unit economics, and forward momentum.

  • Engage with the Cohort and Community:

Selected participants will spend 12 weeks living and working in a beach-side startup community in Goa, alongside 55 other cohort members. The accelerator program comprises learning key business skills, industry insights, workshops for team strengthening, and networking events with experienced entrepreneurs.

  • Pitch and Funding:

In the final 15 days of the program, startups will pitch their ideas during a demo day. Cohort startups have the opportunity to receive pre-seed capital from build3 and its network of investors. Selected startups that secure funding from build3 will join a 3-month build stage, focusing on product development and market validation to prepare for further investment and scaling their impact

4. A Day in the build3 Impact Accelerator

  • Morning: The day starts off with sessions focused on essential business skills and industry knowledge. Participants engage in learning activities aimed at enhancing their entrepreneurial abilities and understanding of market dynamics.
  • Afternoon: Following the morning sessions, the afternoon has interactive workshops and activities. Workshops are designed to facilitate team-building efforts and help participants identify potential co-founders.
  • Networking and Insights: Occasionally, the accelerator program also has networking events or talks by experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Participants have the freedom to tailor their experience, allowing for personalized growth and development throughout the program.

5. Important Note

  • Applications for cohort 2, starting May 6, 2024, are now closed
  • Applications are open for cohort 3, tentatively scheduled for August/September 2024: Click here
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