ARTPARK Innovation Challenge- Indian Institute of Science (IISc)- Upto Rs. 2 crore (~$250k) Per Team/Startup


About ARTPARK Innovation Challenge

ARTPARK Innovation Challenge 2024 is a platform aimed at supporting deep-tech innovation teams and startups working in AI, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems to tackle significant industry or societal challenges. Their mission is to create a hub of innovation, turning ideas into real solutions for important global problems. They support innovators all the way, from coming up with ideas to making them work in the world. It is supported by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) and the Government of Karnataka.

Areas of interest 

  • Technologies: Robotics, Autonomous Systems, AI, Indic language AI, Communications & Network technology
  • Domains: Industrial Automation, Mobility, Agriculture, Health

Tailored Support for Innovation Teams and Startups

The challenge offers different forms of assistance that are tailored to different kinds of participants:

  • Grants for Researchers/Innovators Affiliated with Institutions: Research teams that are associated with institutions can receive financial grants to further their innovative projects.
  • Investments for Startups: Startups with promising ideas can secure investments to grow and develop their ventures.
  • Innovators-in-Residence for Unaffiliated/Unincorporated Teams: Teams without institutional affiliation or incorporation status can join ARTPARK as Innovators-in-Residence, gaining access to valuable resources and support.

Moreover, exceptional participants may be chosen for the Startup@ARTPARK programs, which are selected based on the project’s stage and fit.

Benefits of the ARTPARK Innovation Challenge

  • Deep support- financial and otherwise for deep-tech innovations that will have a game-changing impact on the industry or society.
  • Funding up to a maximum of INR 2 crores per year.
  • Ability to leverage shared resources in facilities such as ARTgarage (for advanced manufacturing and testing), test beds for drones/autonomous systems, wireless/5G testbeds, etc.
  • Connection with investors/VCs who are genuinely interested in deep-tech startups.
  • Mentoring/training program through which we help you understand your product-market fit.
  • Access to a thriving ecosystem – in India and abroad – for cutting-edge research/tech collaborations.

Application Deadline: 5 May 2024

Application Link: Click here

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