Startup Battlefield 200- TechCrunch- $100K Equity-Free Grand Prize


Startup Battlefield 200

1. About The Program

TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield 200 is one of the world’s leading startup competitions, showcasing the top 200 startups globally across various industries. The event takes place at TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 in San Francisco on October 28-30. Participating companies benefit from training, access to masterclasses, private receptions, communities, and investor meet-and-greets.

Out of the 200 startups, the top 20 are selected to advance to the final round and pitch on the prestigious Disrupt Stage. These companies compete for a $100,000 equity-free prize and the opportunity to win the Disrupt Cup. Importantly, TechCrunch does not charge any fees or take equity from startups for applying or participating in the Startup Battlefield. Some notable companies that have launched at this stage include Vurb, Trello, Mint, Dropbox, Yammer, Tripit, Redbeacon, Qwiki, Getaround, and Soluto.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  • Companies must have a functioning Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Ideal for bootstrapped, pre-seed, or seed-level funded companies, and in rare cases, some series A companies may qualify on a case-by-case basis.
  • Companies with minimal press coverage are preferred, however local or industry-specific coverage is acceptable.

3. How are the final startups selected?

  • The final 200 startups are chosen based on various factors like product uniqueness, industry impact, founding team, and competitive landscape.
  • The selection spans across all industries and geographies, focusing on notable industry changes.
  • The top 20 from the Startup Battlefield 200 will be chosen based on the significant changes shown by the startups within their industry or geography.
  • Only companies within the initial 200 qualify for the final 20 selection.

4. Application Process

  • The application period for Startup Battlefield 200 opens on March 6th and closes on June 10th at 11:59 pm PT.
  • Each application undergoes a thorough review process by the Startup Battlefield team.
  • The review includes at least two evaluations of the company’s profile, product, team, and impact potential.
  • Companies are evaluated based on their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), funding stage, press coverage, and disruptive innovation.
  • Once selected, companies confirm their participation in Startup Battlefield 200.
  • There is no fee to apply or participate in the Startup Battlefield.
  • If a confirmed startup decides to back out or cancel its participation, a fee of $1995 will be applied.
  • Participating startups prepare their pitches and presentations for the Startup Battlefield.
  • Finalists (top 20) undergo additional rehearsals and feedback sessions with the TechCrunch Battlefield Team.
  • Selected startups exhibit for all 3 days of TechCrunch Disrupt 2024.
  • They are required to participate in all program activities, including showcasing their products and attending networking events.

5. Expenses and Benefits for Startup Battlefield

  • Startups are responsible for their travel, accommodation, food, visa, and insurance.
  • They provide one 30″ round cocktail table with WiFi, a table-top sign, and black linens for exhibiting at the Disrupt exhibit hall.
  • They also provide an exhibition for all 3 days of the show.
  • They also give passes for 4 individuals to attend all three days of Disrupt, as well as additional passes that will be available at 50% off current rates for more team members.
  • A two-minute fast pitch on the Showcase Stage, along with access to curated networking events, special sessions, and receptions will also be provided
  • The startups will get the opportunity to compete for the $100K equity-free prize as part of the Startup Battlefield 20.

6. Program Details

  • Event Location: TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 in San Francisco on October 28-30.
  • Exhibition Days: Startups exhibit for all 3 days of the conference.
  • Weekly training on company building, scaling, etc., and personalized feedback during pitch teardown sessions.
  • Finalists (Startup Battlefield 20) undergo a minimum of four rehearsals with the TechCrunch Battlefield Team and experts.
  • Two-minute fast pitch on the Showcase Stage with a chance for startups to present innovative ideas to a global audience.
  • TechCrunch does not invest or take equity in participating startups, with a focus on visibility and connections with top VCs.
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