Neysa, an AI Cloud Platform, Raises $20 Million in Seed Funding

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In the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the journey from concept to implementation is filled with challenges like data security, intellectual property protection, and scalability. Recognizing this disconnect, Neysa, India’s pioneering AI cloud and platform-as-a-service startup, set out to bridge this gap by empowering businesses at every stage of their AI journey.

On its mission, Neysa has secured $20 million in seed funding in the funding round led by Matrix Partners India, Nexus Venture Partners, and NTTVC.

Commenting on the launch, Avnish Bajaj, MD, Matrix Partners India said, “Having known Sharad and Andy for a long time, it is our privilege to partner with them on their next venture. Enterprises globally, and even more so in India, are eager for expertise in helping them transition to Al native cloud computing and there is no better and more experienced team in India for them to partner with! We are excited about the future of Neysa and the journey ahead.”

Founded by Sharad Sanghi (CEO) and Anindya Das (CTO), Neysa aims to empower startups with a comprehensive suite of Generative AI platforms and services. These offerings are designed to help clients in every step of their AI journey.

Neysa Team

Moreover, Neysa’s solutions are cost-friendly and have a strong security system in place, enabling businesses to safeguard their data and intellectual property within the AI landscape, both in the cloud and at the edge.

Lauding the launch of Neysa, Jishnu Bhattacharjee, MD, Nexus Venture Partners said, “Meteoric rise of demand for Al globally calls for Al-native cloud platform that Neys is all set to offer. Having known and backed Sharad and Andy previously at Netmagic, we are thrilled to partner with them again in Neysa’s journey, as they shape the future of Al cloud services!”

Vab Goel, Founding Partner NTTVC and Board Member of NTT Data Inc. remarked, “Generative Al is the key topic of every board room discussion, Neysa will help enterprises gain competitive advantage by accelerating a new era of productivity. We are excited to continue our partnership with Sharad and Andy”.

With a focus on unleashing the full potential of AI for enterprises, Neysa provides cutting-edge Gen-AI platforms and services designed to empower businesses and their end clients. Neysa’s Gen-AI platforms are designed in such a way to make sure that the task competition is fast and efficient, all while minimizing disruptions in the workflow.

Anindya Das, Co-founder and CTO, Neysa adds, “Neysa was conceived from a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced in managing and scaling cloud and the transformative potential of Al. This funding boosts our mission to democratize Al, empowering companies of all sizes to ignite innovation and drive growth. We’re building a future where Al integration is seamless, intuitive, and fundamentally changes the way we interact with technology”.

Anindya Das, Co-founder and CTO, Neysa
Anindya Das, Co-founder and CTO, Neysa

By combining AI and Machine Learning (ML), Neysa provides additional assistance and support, helping engineers and potentially taking over tasks when human intervention is not required. Neysa was founded with a clear purpose: to develop the ultimate tool tailored specifically to meet the needs of engineers.

“Our goal is to leverage this funding to push the limits of innovation, assisting our clients with the power of our end-to-end Generative Al Paas ecosystem and our Al-engineered Observability Platform, in a way that provides demonstrable and tangible outcomes for their business”, said Sharad Sanghi, Founder, and CEO, Neysa.

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