Reviving Indian traditions, JoySpoon raises ₹1.25 Crores from 100X.VC, to bring Gujarati Mukhwas to the masses

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No Indian meal is complete without mukhwas or a mouth-freshener. Mukhwas is quintessentially an age-old tradition that has now become an indispensable ritual of the Indian cuisine. Traditionally presented after dining to facilitate digestion and refresh the mouth, it is derived from Sanskrit: “mukh” (mouth) and “vaas” (to remain/to preserve). Hence, mukhwas denotes constituents designed to maintain oral freshness. Despite the ubiquitous need of mouth-fresheners all over India, the market is largely unorganized, dominated by local players which often time results in addition of unhealthy & unhygienic ingredients in the products.

JoySpoon's Range of Products
JoySpoon’s Range of Products

Solving for an unmet need

JoySpoon’s offers high quality and tastier alternatives to traditional products in the market. The team has meticulously designed their product line-up to include age old natural products in their recipes without the addition of excessive sugar or artificial flavours.

With their headquarters in Gujarat, JoySpoon is well positioned to provide consumers with a diverse range of high-quality and flavorful offerings. Their recipes combine old age wisdom to provide some relief in common gastrointestinal concerns like acidity, digestion etc. 

Capital infusion by 100X.VC

The company recently raised ₹1.25 crore in a round of funding led by 100X VC.

Identifying that changing lifestyles, rising disposable incomes and the increasing popularity of natural & healthier alternatives are driving the growth of the mouth freshener industry in India. Recognizing the void of health-conscious and wholesome alternatives to conventional mukhwas infused with sugars, preservatives, and artificial flavours. When combined with good initial traction and founding team, 100X VC decided to support the company.

JOYSPOON embodies an unparallel prospect within the disorganised landscape of the Indian mouth fresheners market. JOYSPOON stands itself as an appealing investment opportunity because of its strong competitive advantages and the founders capabilities. The company is well-positioned to capitalise on the momentum of the expanding Indian mouth freshener market and establish itself as the industry leader globally. The company has the potential to reach high altitudes and develop into a well-established brand within the industry.

the team at 100x VC details in their investment note


The team behind Joyspoon

Joyspoon is led by a team that brings a rich reservoir of tradition and entrepreneurship. Yash Mehta, a Chartered Accountant by profession, possesses a deep passion for quality foods and an intricate grasp of market trends due in the D2C domain. Additionally, Vaishali Mehta comes from a background in retail and brings proficiency in product curation, product development and online marketing verticals. As couple-preneurs, they are trying to bring about a change and make mukhwas an internationally renowned product from India.


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