6 Startup Incubators in Goa which are Stimulating the Local Startup Ecosystem

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Startup incubators provide the initial launchpad for new businesses, offering them the tools and support they need to grow and succeed. They are essential for helping startups navigate the challenges of starting a business and stand out in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. For startups, being part of an incubator means having a dedicated space to work, collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and learn from experienced mentors.

In Goa, the government has set up several such startup incubators to boost the local startup ecosystem. They provide a supportive environment where startups can receive guidance, mentorship, and resources to navigate the challenges of starting a business. These programs offer valuable support in various aspects such as refining business ideas, developing prototypes, accessing funding, and building networks.

Diving deeper to explore a list of all startup incubators in Goa. Each of these programs represents the government’s dedication to fostering innovation and creating a thriving hub for startups. From technology to sustainability, these startup incubators showcase the diverse and dynamic startup landscape in Goa –

The Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA) is one of the technology startup incubators based in Goa, aiming to support and nurture startup companies by offering a range of services. These include incubation services, where they provide in providing startups with a physical office space to work from.

CIBA also provides mentoring programs, offering guidance and advice from experienced professionals to help startups navigate challenges and make informed decisions. Additionally, the center organizes networking opportunities such as events, workshops, and networking sessions to help startups connect with potential partners, customers, and investors.

Supported and capitalized by the NSTEDB Division, CIBA plays a crucial role in nurturing and supporting the startup ecosystem in Goa and Mumbai. It is part of a larger government initiative to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and the growth of the technology sector in India.

CIBA- Startup incubator

Focus Sectors: IT & ITeS, IoT, Food & Design   

Offerings: Co-Working Space, Funding, Mentoring, Prototyping Lab          

Funds Disbursed: INR 3+ crores               

Schemes Implemented: Seed Support System, Startup India Seed Fund Scheme   

Notable Startups: Transerve, 6Degree, Spintly, Contractzy

Website: Link

Atal Incubation Centre at Goa Institute of Management (AIC-GIM Foundation) is a Startup Incubator in Goa, established under the Atal Innovation Mission, supported by NITI Aayog, Government of India. Their mission is to help startups, stimulate their growth, and facilitate their success through a holistic support system.

Additionally, they also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to access finance, markets, talent, mentors, and subject matter experts. Since starting operations in September 2018, AIC-GIM has made a significant impact by not only supporting startups in Goa but also providing incubation services to startups from all over India.

They aim to create an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, fosters growth, and helps startups tups to succeed on a national scale.


Focus Sector: Sector Agnostic

Offerings: Co-working Space & Funding

Funds Disbursed: INR 1.2 crores

Schemes Implemented: Startup India Seed Fund Scheme, SAMRIDH   

Notable Startups: The Clay Factory, Incubig, Funminds Learning, CogniCue, Infipre

Website: Link

FiiRE, as a Startup Incubator, aims to simplify startup innovations and help the growth of solutions in Tech & Tourism, with the vision of making Goa the premier destination for TourismTech Startups by 2030. Aligned with the objectives of the Startup Policy 2021, FiiRE Goa aims to make the state a base for high-value startups and invites entrepreneurial minds to build a startup ecosystem.

FiiRE Goa has developed an ecosystem where startups can tap into a tourism-led economy and connect with investors specializing in hospitality, travel, tourism, waste management, sustainability, and related domains to guide and mentor new ideas in Tourism. Situated in Goa, a preferred destination for Indian and international tourists, FiiRE has incubated 14 startups offering technology-led solutions to revive the tourism industry.

The 25,000 sq ft facility includes co-working spaces, a cafeteria, prototyping labs, and a design center. FiiRE aims to support founders in designing and scaling solutions by providing the right mix of education, networking, and capital support. Their programs focus on various business segments including Sustainability, Mobility, Operational Efficiency, Fintech, and new payment solutions, among others.

Focus Sectors: Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Waste Management, IT, etc.

Offerings: Co-working space, Funding, Mentoring, Prototyping Lab, Accelerator programs in Tourism

Funds Disbursed: INR 4.5 crores

Schemes: Startup India Seed Fund Scheme, National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations Seed
Support, National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations Promoting and Accelerating Young and Aspiring Innovators & Startups (NIDHI-PRAYAS), National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations–
Entrepreneur In Residence, HDFC Bank – CSR Funds

Notable Startups: Greenpod Labs, CogniCue, Human Biogenesis, Haraksha Ecosolutions, Awaddings, MED Interventions and Beyond Company

Website: Link

The BITS Goa Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship Society (BGIIES) is a registered Society established in February 2020 under the Societies Registration Act, of 1860. It is based in BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus, Zuarinagar, Goa, India. Currently, the Society supports the BITS BIRAC BioNEST incubator at BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus.

The aim of the Society is to promote, encourage, and sustain activities and programs that contribute to innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship education and development. It also aims to establish and manage Business Incubators (BIs) across India to support innovation-based startups, aligning with the initiative of CIIE at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus, which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in Health & Environment.

BGIIES strives to assist entrepreneurs in generating ideas, incubating them, and accelerating their innovative early-stage startups into successful ventures. The Society provides infrastructural support, mentoring, networking opportunities, and business advisory services. Through the incubator, BGIIES brings together entrepreneurs, mentors, researchers, and academicians to create a vibrant startup ecosystem.

Focus Sectors: Life Science, IT & ITeS

Offerings: Funding, Life Science Lab, Mentorship

Funds Disbursed: INR 3 crores

Schemes: Startup India Seed Fund Scheme

Notable Startups: Inergio, Green Grahi, GreenShift Energy Private Limited

Website: Link

The BITS BioCyTiH Foundation is an initiative by BITS Pilani, funded under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NMICPS) by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It is the sole self-financed institute among the 25 institutions selected by the DST for this endeavor.

With a foundation of Rs 125 Crore, the BITS BioCyTiH Foundation operates as a Section 8 Company, showing a commitment to its mission of advancing Bio-CPS (Biological Cyber-Physical Systems). This mission aims to foster innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of science and engineering. Through its unique position and financial backing, the BITS BioCyTiH Foundation is aiming to make a huge difference in sectors of research, development, and education.

Focus Sectors: Bio CPS in the sectors of Agriculture, Healthcare, Environment, and Water

Offerings: Co-Working Space, Funding, Mentoring, Prototyping Lab

Funds Disbursed: 1.02 Cr

Schemes: Strategic Market Advancement of Ready-to-go Technology Products in Bio-Cyber Physical System (SMART Bio-CPS)

Notable Startups: Adiuvo Diagnostics, Sensivision Health Technologies, BillionCarbon, Asimov Robotics

Website: Link

AGNI ICAR is a key center for agricultural innovation, established in 2019 with funding from ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (CCARI) Goa. It supports new ideas and startups in agriculture, especially as interest in agri-entrepreneurship grows due to technology advancements. AGNI ICAR is a place where entrepreneurs can develop new technologies and solutions to improve farming practices.

The main goal of AGNI ICAR is to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture, and want to help create Agripreneurs who use the latest ICAR-CCARI technologies. The center provides important services like help with business plans, training programs, and access to testing facilities, and aims to give entrepreneurs the support they need to turn their ideas into successful agricultural businesses.

AGNI ICAR focuses on the coastal regions of India, where agriculture plays a big role, and by supporting new technologies, the center hopes to solve the unique challenges faced by farmers in these areas. AGNI ICAR wants to create a lively environment that promotes innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth in agriculture, showing ICAR-CCARI’s dedication to improving farming practices and supporting the next generation of Agripreneurs.

Focus Sectors: Horticulture, Crop Science, Food processing, Animal & Fisheries Science, Interdisciplinary, NRM, etc

Offerings: Lab & Prototyping support

Notable Startups: Kuhoo Biotech Private Ltd, Navaritih Superfoods, Prbhu Agro Farms, Timewise Waste and Agro Farms, Greenrock Farms & Nursery

Website: Link

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