Accel India Unveils 8 StartUps For Atoms 3.0 Accelerator Programme

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industry 5.0 have become a symbol of innovation that is helping to reshape industries. AI, with its ability to analyze data and make informed decisions, helps in increasing efficiency and personalizing experiences across sectors. On the other hand, Industry 5.0 promotes collaboration between humans and machines, creating customized manufacturing processes. These advancements not only aim to increase productivity and sustainability but also help pave the way for smarter, more adaptive industries.

In an effort to support these sectors, Accel India, the famed venture capital firm known for backing companies like Flipkart and Swiggy, has recently announced 8 startups for the third cohort of its pre-seed accelerator program known as Atoms 3.0.

The Atoms program launched by Accel India has become one of the most prestigious programs for early stage startups. On this mission, Accel India has set out to identify talent not just from India but also from Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Prayank Swaroop, Partner, Accel India said, “The shift to a thematic program design for Atoms 3.0 has enabled us to provide deeper, sector-focused mentorship for the startups. Atoms has always restricted itself to smaller cohort sizes to stay hyper-focused on the needs of a smaller group of exceptional founders.” 

“As part of Atoms 3.0, founders are also learning how to build that muscle for resilience and agility,” he added. 

The selection process for Atoms 3.0 focused on startups that have the potential to redefine their respective industries. Out of the 8 startups unveiled, two ventures have are still in stealth mode.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the startups selected for the Atoms 3.0 accelerator programme started by Accel India:

Founders: Rohin Parkar, Malcolm Dsouza

Domain: Industry 5.0

Spintly is addresses the physical security industry with its fully wireless, cloud-based access control system. This system simplifies the process of installing access control solutions in buildings, removing the need for complex wiring entirely, making installers save over 60% of their time and costs, and making their work more efficient and productive.

Their vision is to create a smarter and more straightforward world for buildings and their occupants and aims to provide users with a seamless access control experience while also enhancing building intelligence. The platform operates on a fully wireless mesh network for smart building devices, making access control effortless.

Unlike traditional access control systems, Spintly uses a distributed IoT architecture and edge computing technology, eliminating the necessity for heavy back-end infrastructure, and allowing users to access doors using their smartphones. In doing so, Spintly has already eliminated 200,000 plastic badges and avoided the need for 2,000 miles of wired infrastructure in buildings. Currently, Spintly serves over 300 customers and manages access to more than 4,000 doors.

Website: Link

Founder: Ashwini Oke

Domain: Industry 5.0

Asets Inc., headquartered in Canada, has introduced an AI-powered Integrated Design Suite™ that aims to be a cloud-based platform providing comprehensive solutions for Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) companies and end-owners. The Integrated Design Suite™ revolutionizes early-stage engineering by accelerating processes by up to 10 times.

The Integrated Design Suite™ is a user-friendly, web-based platform accessible from anywhere, and users can seamlessly begin 3D modeling directly in their web browsers. This lightweight platform also integrates simulations and generative CAD capabilities, providing intelligent load data. This feature helps users to evaluate and showcase the “built” environment at an early stage of the design process.

Website: Link

Founders: Anshuman Pandey, Naman Maheshwari, Rohan Pooniwala

Domain: AI

Tune AI offers a GenAI stack that is tailored for enterprises, providing innovative solutions to enhance productivity and creativity. The company’s flagship products include Tune Chat, an AI-driven chat application with a user base exceeding 180,000. This app uses advanced models for text generation, code assistance, and brainstorming, enhancing communication and collaboration within teams. Another one of its products is Tune Studio which acts as a playground for developers, allowing them to fine-tune, deploy, and manage Gen AI models with ease. It also prioritizes data security and compliance, meeting enterprise-grade standards.

The third product of the company is ChainFury, an open-source prompt engine available on GitHub, ChainFury empowers developers with versatile tools for AI-driven applications. Tune AI is at the forefront of driving GenAI adoption within enterprises and aims to help teams leverage the capabilities of AI for enhanced efficiency and creativity in their workflows.

Moreover, Tune AI is backed by notable investors like Accel, Flipkart Ventures, Together Fund, Speciale Invest, and Techstars.

Website: Link

Founder: Shubham Deva

Domain: AI

Skoob is a generative AI platform that is transforming the way readers engage with books, and instead of navigating through entire volumes, Skoob utilizes the power of AI to break down books into focused, topic-centric sections. This process makes use of knowledge intuitive and user-friendly for readers.

Skoob offers smart collections of insights extracted from a variety of non-fiction books on the same topic. These “skoobs” save readers valuable time and effort by providing curated, condensed content. Moreover, Skoob’s Gen AI technology gathers valuable insights from a diverse range of non-fiction books, ensuring that readers receive a comprehensive understanding of a topic.

The platform blends the curated content into engaging collections of stories, known as “skoobs.” With Skoob, readers can explore insights from multiple books all within the stories focused on the same topic, removing the need to read entire books, and offering a convenient and efficient way to access valuable information.

Website: Link

Founders: Ritesh Singh, Sonu Kumar Prashant, Rushabh Kothari

Domain: AI

Arivihan is a next-generation learning platform, changing the world of personalized education in India. It stands as the country’s first AI-based 100% Automated Learning Platform, offering each school student their tutor accessible right from their pocket.

Arivihan provides a tailored learning experience for each unique school student, offering guidance, teaching through video lectures, and instant doubt-solving. With Arivihan, students have their tutor available anytime they need assistance. Moreover, the platform offers practice problems designed according to each student’s pace and understanding.

Arivihan- Accel India

Additionally, Arivihan also assists students in planning for exams, providing valuable strategies and support to enhance their performance. Students can get their queries resolved instantly, removing learning hurdles and making sure that there is continuous progress. Arivihan offers its learning platform at a price of ₹300 per month, making quality education more affordable and accessible.

Website: Link

Founders: Pallavi Chakravorty, Nipun Gupta, Swapnil Basak

Domain: AI

Meritic is a platform designed as a storytelling co-pilot for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) teams that aims to streamline and automate the processes involved in reporting and business analytics. The platform achieves this by leveraging the combined power of knowledge graphs and language models.

Meritic: Accel India

Meritic helps in automating the creation of reports, saving time and effort for FP&A teams. It conducts detailed analysis with a focus on context, providing deeper insights into financial data and trends. Additionally, Meritic collects qualitative insights, offering a better understanding of financial metrics and performance indicators.

Teams can generate relevant commentaries on financial data using Meritic, helping in the effective communication of insights. The platform automates the creation of financial presentations, making it easier for FP&A teams to present their findings. This platform helps FP&A teams save time, improve efficiency, and become more strategic in their roles within their organizations. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for teams to navigate and utilize its features for comprehensive financial analysis and reporting.

Website: Link

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