DevDham, a Devotional Platform, secures ₹6 Crore in a Seed Round led by Titan Capital, All In Capital, Veda VC, and TDV Partners

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Temple devotees all over the world face the challenge of not being able to visit the temple of their choice for darshan, pujas and making offerings to the gods. Addressing that need using technology, DevDham, facilitates the devotional market by offering online daily darshan, pujas, and digital donation options, increasing accessibility for devotees from all over the world. In a recent advancement, DevDham secured a funding of Rs 6 crore in a seed funding round led by Titan Capital, All In Capital, Veda VC, and TDV Partners.

Pranav Kapoor, Co-Founder at DevDham said, “We aim to lay a strong digital foundation for Indian Culture, Sanatan Dharma, and Vedic Traditions. This investment is a testament to our potential, a catalyst for future growth and a step closer towards Digital Bharat and Vedic Culture. Om Namah Shivaya.”

DevDham App
DevDham App

The capital infusion will be used to expand the Temple network, enhance technology infrastructure, and strengthen marketing efforts. The devotional platform plans to focus on building tech and product infrastructure, operations, and Temple Relations. With the latest fund raised, the platform has successfully secured $1 million investment until now, according to their press release.

Bipin Shah, Partner at Titan Capital said, “DevDham is playing pivotal role in reviving traditions and bringing all established temple Pooja live on the app. We are glad to be a part of something transformative, to empower people on their spiritual journeys and make a positive impact on their lives.“

The platform’s innovative approach has garnered substantial market momentum, making it a key player in the evolving landscape of Religion Tech. Since its inception, DevDham, previously known as DevDarshan, has enabled 500,000+ mantras chanting and 100,000+ darshans for 100,000+ happy devotees. Additionally, DevDham has built a network of 500+ Temples and 2000+ Pandits in 18 states. Heading forward, DevDham aims to become a one-stop devotional platform to cater to all devotional needs.

About DevDham

Found by IIT Graduates, Pranav Kapoor, Suyash Taneja and Sagnika Chowdhury, DevDham aims to connect devotees globally with Hindu temples, offering online daily darshan, pujas, and digital donations. The devotional market in India is $50B and unorganized. DevDham, previously known as DevDarshan, envisions projecting Bharat (India) as a Vishwa Guru (Universal Leader) through its rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

DevDham’s long-term vision is to provide digital platform to Temples for sharing the millennia-old teachings of Indian culture in the world and by doing so, projecting Bharat (India) as Vishwa Guru (Universal Leader) through its rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

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