InfinityBox: Paving the Way for Sustainable Food Consumption with their Closed Loop Infrastructure

Infinity Box, led by Shashwat Gangwal, is creating a closed loop tech infrastructure to promote reusable containers for food deliveries.

Dhruva Space raises 22 Crore in a round led by Mumbai Angel Network, IAN and Blue Ashva Capital

Dhruva Space, the Indian Space-Tech startup that provides end to end engineering solutions in Space Technology raises 22 Cr

Shuja Hasan: The CA Aspirant turned Rapper is using Rap to Make the Corporate World Interesting and Engaging

The story of the young rapper Shuja Hasan who has set the corporate world ablaze with his entertaining raps.

Bond: The Low-risk Policy Providing Immense Opportunities for the Investors

With the regular investors now participating equally along with the other major market players, it is quite evident that the amount of risk is less in case of bonds and return is higher. This article brings you a close study of the different types of bonds in use in India!

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan: The ‘Rain Man’ of Chennai

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan, popularly known as the 'Rain Man', saved Chennai during a fatal water crisis in 2019. A close look into a journey of more than two decades .

Soft Power: How India uses its influence

India may not rank in the Soft Power 30 but does have far more influence in international politics than the rankings credit the country for.

Ford Calls a Quit in India after Steady Downfall Over Years

Ford India has decided to quit India after a time span of more two decades. What went wrong?

e-Rupi: Government’s Revolutionary Initiative to cater India’s Appetite for Digital Currency

The Indian Government has taken another step forward towards digitalizing the currency system in the country with the launch of an electronic voucher program on August 2, 2021.

Elktrun: The Startup Fueling India’s EV Dream through cost-effective Conversions from Petrol to Electric

Elktrun, a Pune-based startup, is doing incredible work by retrofitting traditional two-wheelers to convert them into electric vehicles.

Top 20 Lakes to Visit in India

Here's a list of the top 20 lakes of the country every traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime!