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Aumsat Technologies LLP

From Water on Moon to Water on Earth

Aumsat, led by CEO Riddhish Soni, is a pioneering technology developed using insights from the Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission. It is designed to address critical water scarcity challenges, both in India and globally.

Aumsat's innovative capabilities include the detection of pipeline leaks within thick concrete and the precise identification of underground water sources. By adapting space technology for practical use on Earth, Aumsat effectively bridges the gap between advanced technology and the pressing issue of water scarcity. Its remote capabilities allow for the swift assessment of vast areas, enabling the localization of water sources and efficient water conservation efforts.

Aumsat's business model charges users an annual fee per hectare for access to their web-based platform and analytical services, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of 90%. Collaborating with local governments and NGOs, Aumsat integrates its findings into urban planning and rural water resource management, thereby enhancing access to clean water and agricultural opportunities.

With nearly 4,000 stakeholders and international replication, Aumsat is making a global impact in combating water scarcity and promoting climate resilience. Future plans involve expansion initiatives to reach an additional 5,000 clients through awareness campaigns and partnerships, reaffirming their commitment to sustainable water resource management and resilience-building.

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Core Team
Riddhish Soni


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Satellite based Groundwater Hydroanalytics

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