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Nature Based Products for Sustainable Water Ecosystems

Clean-Water creates sustainable solutions that restore, conserve, and protect our water bodies and their ecosystems.

Our mission is to create a sustainable future by addressing water pollution and scarcity through innovative biological techniques and highly engineered products.

We forge robust partnerships with governments, private institutions, and communities to co-create bespoke solutions that address local needs while aligning with global sustainability objectives. Our focus on nature-based solutions allows us to harness the power of the environment, leveraging natural processes and ecological restoration to restore and protect water bodies. By integrating cutting-edge technologies with our deep understanding of ecosystems, we strive to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions that ensure water security and a thriving environment for future generations.


Core Team

Core Team
Priyanshu Kumath, Japish Singh, Harshit Singhvi


Products & Services
Floating Islands

Contact Information

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
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