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Monitor Growth and Supply Chains across channels

Set up in August 2021 by Sidhartha Bhimania and Anuj Jain; Omnivio is a SaaS platform that acts as a SaaS control tower and a logistics marketplace that allows retail brands to seamlessly manage their logistics operations. It specifically targets the challenges faced by retailers and omnichannel brands in providing consistent customer experiences across multiple home delivery channels.

The startup provides a range of services, encompassing a control tower and orchestration platform; that enables businesses to excel in the ever-evolving omnichannel landscape. These services equip businesses with the essential tools for post-checkout visibility.

Empower your modern enterprise with a Single View of Business & Operations, Enable real-time insights and monitoring across Omnichannel landscape; Drive Omnichannel growth and Supply Chain excellence, optimize bottom line!

Omnivio has worked alongside several brands like Meesho, Rubans, Supertails, Mensa, Halfcirclefull, and many more.


Core Team

Core Team
Sidhartha Bhimania and Anuj Jain


Products & Services
Omnichannel Data Synchronization Platform

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