EMI/EMC simulation and testing platform, SimYog, raises Rs 20 crore led by Mela Ventures and 1Crowd

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With the rising density of electronics, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Compatibility (EMC) pose major challenges to manufacturers. Current solutions in the market revolve around lab testing once the final product has been developed. However, EMI/EMC issues cause around 50% of electronic devices to fail certification on the first attempt; leading to cost escalations, delays in product launches, potential recalls, and significant financial losses amounting to billions annually for companies. Working to fix this issue, leading EMI/EMC simulation and testing platform SimYog; announced that it has raised Rs 20 crore in funding led by Mela Ventures and 1Crowd.

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The funding round also saw participation from existing investor, IdeaSpring. SimYog intends to use the fresh capital to expand their reach and help as many customers as they can with EMI/EMC testing. At the same time, the startup plans to launch quality products faster and more cost-effectively.

Prof. Dipanjan Gope, founder and CEO, SimYog, said, “I am very excited about the collaboration with academia, corporate and venture capitalists. It clearly shows the overall confidence in the problem we are trying to solve and the solution itself. The mentorship from Mela Ventures is going to be invaluable in our global growth story. It is our dream to say that there is a bit of SimYog in every electronic device one touches. This investment will help us reach many customers who are facing the challenge of EMI/EMC testing and help them release quality products faster and cost effectively.”

SimYog makes EMI/EMC simulation software for front-loading at the early design stage. EMI/EMC testing is a critical step in the design and manufacturing processes. This software ensures electronic devices are compatible across various scenarios; boosting the likelihood of passing certification tests on the first try. It not only identifies problems upfront but also suggests design modifications that traditional labs can’t offer.

About SimYog

Founded in 2017, SimYog is led by industry specialists Prof. Dipanjan Gope, Anant Devi, and Harikiran Muniganti. With a mission to enable “Agile for Hardware Design,” SimYog is focused on developing EMI/EMC simulation software that catches issues early in the design process.

RK Shenoy, CTO Bosch Global Software Technologies, said, “SimYog’s EMI/EMC simulation at the design stage significantly reduces the risk of delays and higher verification costs during the certification stage. One can benefit from sample production cost savings, faster time-to-market, and improved product performance. SimYog plays a significant part in our product success, and we are excited about the promising roadmap.”

The company is already delivering significant value to Fortune 100 and emerging companies. SimYog’s Compliance Scope has saved a semiconductor company and its Automotive Tier-1 customers, time-to-market to the tune of one extra design sample. This translates to reduced lab iterations and bill-of-material reduction, leading to a saving in the order of $2–3 million for a single product line of sensors.

N.S. Parthasarathy, Managing Partner, Mela Ventures, said, “With higher expectations from consumers, product companies are packing more technology in constrained spaces, leading to potential challenges in signal interference. An EMI/EMC simulation tool in the early stages of the design cycle is a crucial need. SimYog has cracked the code on that front, and we are delighted to see the rapid progress they are making in this space. Having an enviable client roster is a testimonial by itself to the category they have chosen to own and lead. Prof. Dipanjan has built a great team and a culture that will thrive and help millions of users safely use electrical and electronic devices.”

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