Japan’s WHILL Ventures into India with eBikeGo: To launch 2 new products in the market

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  • The tie-up aims to address the mobility space in India, by offering a blend of premium design, functionality, and inclusivity
  • An MOU has been signed by the companies, wherein eBikeGo has been appointed as WHILL’s local dealer-partner and exclusive authorized distributor for India
  • eBikeGo will be responsible for distribution, marketing, and after-sales services of WHILL products in India

Hyderabad, 18th October 2023: Japan-headquartered, globally-renowned provider of personal mobility solutions WHILL has marked its entry into the Indian market, in collaboration with eBikeGo, India’s leading electric mobility startup. This strategic alliance, cemented through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), was formally announced today during an event held at Westin Hyderabad, graced by senior representatives from both eBikeGo and WHILL.

The collaboration between eBikeGo and WHILL stems from their shared vision of revolutionizing the personal mobility sector in India. eBikeGo’s local expertise will ensure WHILL’s seamless integration into the Indian market, while eBikeGo diversifies its product portfolio with premium personal mobility solutions.

India, with its diverse population, represents a vast market for personal mobility solutions catering to a wide range of age groups and abilities. Recognizing this potential, WHILL, having established its mark in countries like Japan, China, and South Korea, is poised to make its entry in India. With eBikeGo’s support, WHILL aims to offer products that resonate with quality, innovation, and style.

Speaking at the event, Lakshman Diwaakar, Business Development Director, WHILL India, expressed, “Our collaboration with eBikeGo is a significant step towards making personal mobility more accessible and inclusive across India and the world. We share common ideals such as commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We’re excited about this journey and the positive change it will bring.”

Dr Irfan Khan, CEO of eBikeGo
Dr Irfan Khan (Left), CEO of eBikeGo

Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO, eBikeGo(Exclusive Authorized Partner – WHILL), added, “This collaboration aligns perfectly with eBikeGo’s mission of transforming the way people move. As WHILL’s exclusive partner in India, we aim to establish robust brand awareness and provide enriching experiences for our customers. Together, we envision WHILL becoming the go-to brand for premium personal mobility solutions in India.”

WHILL’s products, renowned for their premium design and innovative features, were showcased during the event. These products empower individuals to lead an independent and vibrant life, ensuring adventure in every ride.

The two innovative WHILL products launched in India, now available for pre-booking, include:

  • Model C2: A mobility chair packed with WHILL’s technology, the Model C2 is ideal for those looking for off-road performance. It is simple to operate and can make tight turns to get a person wherever they need to go. It comes with a Li-ion battery and allows a drivable range of 18 km on a 5-hour charge. Model C2 is a category-defining product – a personal EV for those who are social and crave adventure. Find more details here.

  • Model F: A lightweight, foldable and maneuverable mobility chair, the Model F allows the user a drivable range 20 km when fully charged, and can be safely driven up or down 10° slopes. Thanks to its foldable design, it can be easily carried on buses, trains, and planes – or can be loaded the trunk of a car or cab. Find more details here

As WHILL’s authorized distributor in India, eBikeGo will employ various channels to grow awareness and popularity for WHILL’s products. Collaborations with various organizations and targeted marketing campaigns will ensure a broad reach. The products cater to a diverse audience, from individual customers to institutions like hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

In the long run, WHILL and eBikeGo aim to expand their distribution network across India, offering unparalleled mobility solutions to all.

To pre-book WHILL products or to explore dealership opportunities in India, visit: https://www.whillindia.com/


WHILL connects the world with short-distance mobility products and services. Committed to creating a borderless world through inclusive personal transportation solutions, WHILL now offers products and services in over 20 countries and regions globally.

Website: https://whill.inc

About eBikeGo

Founded in 2019, eBikeGo offers electric mobility solutions that transform the way people move. The company is driven towards creating revolutionary e-mobility solutions that empower people to seize the future.

Website: https://www.ebikego.com/

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