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Blume Ventures ( is one of India’s leading early-stage Venture Capital firms. We invest quite  early on in a startup’s journey and walk alongside them as they grow from “Unknowns to Unicorns”. Our  investment approach is a balance between data-driven, research-backed decisions based on industry  trends, and drawing from our collective years of experience as investors, operators, ex-entrepreneurs and  domain experts. We believe in the power of technology, and invest in companies that have the potential to  solve big problems at scale in sectors such as deeptech, fintech, healthcare, edtech, mobility, consumer  and lifestyle, among others. Some of our marquee investments include Unacademy, Spinny, Grey Orange  Robotics, Purplle, ElectricPe, Dunzo, HealthifyMe, Classplus, Ultrahuman, Pixxel, and CarbonClean.  

We have recently closed our flagship fund IV, our biggest ever, to back the next wave of revolutionary  founders and ventures. We are seeing bigger dreams, and bigger ambitions in these new founders, in  larger numbers than ever before. They are targeting bigger problems and bigger opportunities, inspired  and motivated by the first wave of success stories that are unfolding more rapidly now out of the Indian  startup ecosystem. We wholeheartedly believe that the Venture Capital business is – first and foremost – a  people’s business. We choose to invest in our people with equal focus, knowing that an exceptional team is  critical to our success.  

After completing more than a decade in the early stage investments space in Venture Capital, we  recognize the need to build capability and capacity in our team to support some of our more mature  companies where our conviction is the strongest, and create the space for us to continue partnering with  them on their growth journey. Our newly formed Growth Investments vertical led by Vikram Gawande takes  a sharper look at how we can effectively support a niche set of companies who aspire to IPO and go  public.  


We are hiring for an Associate or Associate Vice President within the Growth Vertical of the Investments  Team at Blume Ventures. This position will intersect with some amount of fund operations and fundraising  support for Blume’s core fund. The role will drive portfolio support and growth for companies that have  crossed the Series-B mark and are looking to possibly IPO and enter public markets, or have a different  trajectory and support requirement as compared to our early stage investments. The role is the first of its  kind at Blume and has the distinct advantage of having a ring-side seat into exponential growth with some  of our star companies. The candidate will have the opportunity to work directly with some of Blume’s  partners in fundraising and fund operations management as well.  

The final designation will depend on the experience and skillset of the chosen candidate.  


This is not a typical Investment Role. We are looking for people who understand the potential of Venture  Capital to unlock access, impact, opportunity and growth for India, and who are willing to do whatever it  takes to accelerate the growth of a subset of our companies. This role will not be sourcing startups or  meeting early-stage entrepreneurs; instead, you’d have the unique opportunity to work with companies  from some of our early vintages and some of our breakthrough stars from more recent funds who have  successfully navigated the 0-1 journey and are now on their next adventure. 

We’re looking for someone who comes from public markets and brings an understanding of this  ecosystem, deep research skills with the ability to successfully consolidate reams of data into actionable  insights and spy key trends in the market that can help our companies. You would apply these skills into  Venture Capital by quickly adapting to the pace of work and the passion for supporting founders by finding  the best ways to add value to their growth journeys.  

Lastly, we’re looking for people who are entrepreneurial at heart and can work with a founder-mentality,  and not within the constraints of a typical job. This role will require high levels of ownership, initiative and  will have the ability to impact our work across the fund and our companies. You’d need to be comfortable  rolling up your sleeves and being hands-on with many aspects of the work, and help us figure out the best  way to unlock value for our companies. In return, we do promise high learning and high responsibility.  


The role will be based out of our Mumbai office with travel as required to Delhi, Bengaluru and other cities  as needed.  

  • ~ 70% of your time will be with the Growth Vertical and conducting research to add value to the  Growth Portfolio  
  • ~30% of your time would be spent with Blume’s leadership to support them on fundraising, fund  operations and portfolio performance analysis.  

This role will start as a two-year stint, with a mutual review at the end of the same to discuss longer-term  opportunities and growth paths within the firm.  

In addition to your salary, you also are eligible for performance-linked bonus pay and budgets for Learning  & Development. You will be mentored by senior leaders at Blume and have access to our database of  partnerships, networks and contacts.  


  • Work along with the Growth team to assess growth opportunities and provide value-add to the  growth portfolio 
  • Perform comprehensive, in-depth company and industry research as well as complex portfolio  and benchmarking analysis 
  • Create and manage models/dashboards that deliver key insights on the portfolio and industry  developments and trends 
  • Work alongside a subset of companies on getting them ready for IPO 
  • Work together with the firm’s leadership, to prepare the relevant insights and material required  for raising funds for Blume Ventures. You will also support and manage some of these  relationships and have the chance to participate in meetings to drive conversations with other  institutional investors. 
  • Create presentation materials for internal and external audiences for both the group and the  Firm’s portfolio companies. 
  • Lead ad-hoc projects related to the Firm’s priorities and initiatives 

This role is perfect for you if: 


  • An inherent love for understanding new business and their levers. Ideally, if this can be  supplemented with an ability to build conviction around these businesses and providing them  value add.  
  • At least 5+ years of experience in a role focused on public market research or growth stage  fundraising or business financial advisory  
  • A solid grasp of business metrics and ability to crunch data in excel or Tableau/Power BI or code in  Python, R etc. A background in finance and software is ideal.  
  • An obsessive eye for detail, with a decent understanding of data visualisation to be able to  showcase company growth journeys  
  • Storytelling and narrative-creation skills that will help you build Blume Portfolio narratives  ● A good understanding of startup funding, and a very high level of empathy for founders  ● Strong stakeholder management skills to be able to engage with founders, internal stakeholders,  and other institutional investors – possibly all on the same day!  
  • A high level of comfort with deadlines, and managing multiple projects simultaneously  ● A love for the hustle – you’ll figure out the best way to get things done  
  • Awareness of the market and a perspective on potential investable market trends; experience  identifying and determining opportunities in selected market spaces.  
  • Deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, networks, and deal sourcing and investment  processes, particularly for new technology companies.  
  • Highly advanced quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, including financial modeling, cap  table analysis, and business writing.  
  • Excellent interpersonal and networking skills with proven ability to develop and maintain effective  business relationships  
  • CA backgrounds or backgrounds in Investment Banking/Advisory would be a bonus.  


  • Excited at the opportunity to make impact at scale  
  • At heart, a catalyst – someone who wants to use all of their skills to help Blume’s startups succeed  and grow  
  • Comfortable with the idea of working in an Apprenticeship model – with lots of mentorship,  feedback and guidance but significant individual responsibility and freedom  
  • An inherent hustler, focusing on ‘closing the deal’ and doing whatever it takes  ● Obsessed with creating a tech-first approach to work, and comfortable working on different CRMs,  platforms and low-code/no-code tools that we use in the course of our work as well as going  incredibly deep into independent research to be able to bring the best value to our team  ● Looking for the opportunity to work in a fast-growing company that is committed to providing support, growth and professional development as part of everyday work
  • Not limited by a job description and designation, and open to the unique opportunity of working across functions at India’s leading early stage VC fund and charting your own learning journey Eager to work with some of the best minds in Indian VC and build a career, limited only by your  own aspirations  

What it’s like to work at Blume: 

While we’re 13 years old this year, in some ways we are still building Blume from the ground up. We rely  strongly on a First Principles approach, and that means questioning the way things were done before. VC is  first and foremost a relationship driven business, so we do prioritize a positive interaction with everyone we  meet.  

We have a decentralized leadership that is committed to helping Blume grow in the right way. This may  mean sometimes that you get five different answers to one questions – the right person will see this as an  opportunity rather than a roadblock in figuring out their next steps. Our team has high ownership and high  expectations – we fully understand that we may not always be able to control the outcomes of certain  situations, and therefore review success also in terms of our inputs – did we do everything possible we  could from our side to make something happen?  

This approach isn’t for everyone, especially if you’ve been used to clearer frameworks, targets, single threaded reporting and working with relatively fewer inputs. But for someone who understands the end  goal, the process and journey along the way is a wonderfully positive challenge that does push you to  grow personally and professionally. 

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