Kidbea: Transforming Kids’ Fashion with Sustainable Solutions and a $1 Million Funding Boost

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In the constantly evolving world of children’s fashion, there has been an increasing need for products that not only cater to the comfort of the little ones but are sustainable. Recognizing this demand, Kidbea has stepped into the scene as a solution to the growing problems. Founded in 2021, Kidbea has quickly become known for its skin-friendly clothing that perfectly blends comfort with style. With a focus on bamboo-based clothing that is gentle on the skin and the planet, Kidbea has captured attention and secured $1 million in a Pre-Series A funding round led by Venture Catalysts.

One of the products available in Kidbea
One of the products available in Kidbea

The funding which was led by the early-stage investment firm Venture Catalysts also saw participation from key players of the industry like Agility Ventures, BestVantage Investments, and notable figures such as Sandeep Agarwal and Upasana Agarwal, who are founders of Droom, Ashok Bahadur, and renowned Japanese actor HiroMizushima.

Highlighting the potential within the children’s apparel and accessories market, Dr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Cofounder and Managing Director of Venture Catalysts, expressed, “Choosing to invest in Kidbea was an obvious decision for us. With India’s daily birth rate exceeding 67,000 children, there is a substantial opportunity for Kidbea to target the market across both metropolitan areas and small towns, driven by the increasing awareness among new parents regarding sustainable and eco-friendly clothing. Kidbea’s innovative approach and dedication to quality align with the changing expectations of mindful consumers. We have confidence in Kidbea’s potential not only to redefine children’s fashion but also to make a significant contribution to the sustainable fashion landscape.”

Established by Swapnil Srivastav, Mohammad Hussain, and Aman Kumar Mahto, Kidbea has become one of the frontrunners in sustainable children’s apparel with an emphasis on bamboo plant-based, skin-friendly, and comfortable clothing. The funds gained will help strengthen Kidbea’s marketing and branding initiatives as well as guide team expansion. Along with investing in research and development and technology, the start-up also aims to enhance its operational efficiency. These steps will Kidbea position itself in the rapidly evolving children’s fashion industry.

Opening of Kidbea personalized stores
Opening of Kidbea personalized stores

Mohammad Hussain, Co-founder of Kidbea, expressed, “The funding signifies a major milestone in our journey to turn Kidbea into a Rs 500 crore brand within the next 3 years. This funding provides us with the means to improve our sustainable offerings, extend our global presence, and persist in redefining children’s fashion.”

With a product range that has over 250 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), Kidbea’s products include kids’ rompers, bodysuits, reusable cloth diapers, soft toys, and accessories. The brand has been able to grow its presence on major online platforms and partnerships with over 30 stores in premium children’s hospitals. Going beyond geographical boundaries, Kidbea has expanded its global reach to include countries like the UAE, Bahrain, and Australia showing its commitment to become a Rs 500 crore brand within the next three years.

About Kidbea

Kidbea is a sustainable kidswear brand that is based in Noida and has patented spill-proof and fragrance technology making it unique not only in India but also worldwide. The brand specializes in creating bamboo plant-based, skin-friendly, and comfortable children’s apparel.

Sustainable kidswear brand Kidbea's team
Sustainable kidswear brand Kidbea’s team

“As a D2C founder, I believe we should understand our customers’ needs rather than following tips and tricks, since every tip and trick will ultimately fail, but what will remain constant is how well your consumers understand your product. So, we at Kidbea, always focus on building a long-term relationship with our consumers, to get a better understanding of what they want and how we can improve every day,” said Swapnil Srivastav, founder of Kidbea.

The vision of Kidbea is to become Asia’s number one kid’s brand while making spill-proof and softest clothing products for children to provide a hassle-free parenting life for every parent out there.

“At Kidbea, we encourage a relaxed parenting life by offering hassle-free comfortable wear for children. Our products are designed on the ethics of sustainability, are non-toxic and are 100% safe, thus offering soothing comfort over the child’s super sensitive skin,” shared, Swapnil Srivastav, Founder of Kidbea.

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