Nestroots bags 3 crore funding from BeyondSeed Singapore: Beginning of a new chapter 

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In the ever-changing world of home decor, Nestroots, an avant-garde lifestyle brand has secured 3 crore funding in a pre-seed funding round led by BeyondSeed Singapore, where Arjun Vaidya, a seasoned D2C (direct-to-consumer) expert joined and actively participated as a mentor.

As an industry that undergoes growth rapidly, Nestroots stands out by offering home decor and furniture products that cater to the taste of people who seek stylish and modern living environments. This avant-garde start-up is not just providing a solution to furniture and decor but helps in crafting living spaces which match personal tastes and preferences. With this capital infusion, Nestroots aims to grow its user base on a global scale.

“Looking forward, over the next five years, we plan to showcase the richness of Indian design with international aesthetics, offering premium designs at accessible prices”, said Chhavi Singh, founder and CEO Nestroots.

The recent funding secured by the Gurgaon-based start-up is not its first venture into the world of capital funding. Prior to this, Nestroots was able to secure $100K in funding in a seed round led by We Founder Circle (WFC). Additionally, the company made an appearance in the Shart Tank India Season 2 where it secured a 50 lakh rupees investment against a stake of 2% equity from Namita Thapar

“This significant investment propels Nestroots towards new heights. It strengthens our financial foundation and fuels our ambition to be the foremost destination for home decor.” said Shekhar Godiyal, co-founder and COO, Nestroots.

BeyondSeed Singapore’s funding showcases a global interest in the Nestroots business model. However the involvement of BeyondSeed Singapore goes beyond the financial backing, it also provides the start-up with the coveted mentorship of Arjun Vaidya. The counsel provided by D2C mentor, Arjun Vaidya will help Nestroots to add a valuable aspect to its growth strategy.

Team at Nestroots

The successful pre-seed funding round marks a new milestone for the Gurgaon-based start-up, placing itself on a path to growth and innovation. With a promising start, a growing user base and financial support, Nestroots is making strides in the competitive market of home decor and lifestyle.

Chhavi Singh and Shekhar Godiyal, founders of Nestroots have shown gratitude for the funding while also mentioning the importance of mentorship that Arjun Vaidya will be bringing to the platform. The participation of the mentor will push Nestroots into a new phase of innovation and growth.

About Nestroots 

In 2018, Chhavi Singh and Shekhar Godiyal established the start-up and under their direction, it has become a force to be reckoned with. With a clear mission, Nestroots hope to deliver products that are not only visually appealing but also authentic while providing a sense of fulfilment to the users. The start-up is based on the principle of providing unique and captivating quality products with designs that possess brilliance in terms of creativity and aesthetics.

Nestroots’ operation is not limited to a single platform and uses a multi-channel approach to better reach out to potential users. Utilizing its own website along with operation in famous marketplaces, the platform has been able to grow its user base by 55,000 since its formation.

 “We are entering the large format stores for branding and recognition that we want to build amongst the consumers. This fiscal, we are expecting 5 per cent of our revenue to come from offline channels, however, from next year onwards, we plan to scale it up to 20 per cent,” said Chhavi Singh, founder and CEO.

In the coming years, the Gurugram-based start-up aims to build its presence in the global market. With this investment, over the next five years, they hope to aim to expand and establish themselves in the market of Canada, the USA and the UAE. This worldwide venture taken on Nestroots further solidifies its presence in the home decor and furniture market.

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