Raptee, an EV startup manufacturing premium motorcycles, appoints, C Suresh, as Head of Operations    

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  • At Raptee, Suresh will be heading Operations including manufacturing, quality, sourcing & supply chain.
  • Suresh will be in charge of setting up the new plant and set up processes to meet the projected demand of Raptee motorcycle.
  • C Suresh has 25 years of experience, working with leading brands of which the last 7 years have been in the EV sector as part of the founding team at Ather and Ola.
  • Suresh had been part of more than 13 new two-wheeler launches including Ather 450 and Ola S1 in the recent years.
  • He played an integral role in setting up the new plants, processes and complete team in Ather and Ola during the early days.
  • Raptee recently announced raising $ 3 Million in Pre-Series A round and launched its maiden factory unit in Chennai.

Chennai, October 17, 2023: Premium EV motorcycle Startup Raptee has announced the appointment of, Mr. C Suresh, as the Head of Operations. 

At Raptee, Suresh will construct a comprehensive portfolio of operations in manufacturing engineering, quality, sourcing & supply chain, and projects with a focus on setting up the processes and building a strong team. One of the pivotal roles will be to plan and roll out the products in the near future. Suresh will focus on constructing additional facilities to cater to the projected demand for Raptee Motorcycle. 

Raptee Early Prototype
Raptee Early Prototype

Suresh, comes with over 25 years of experience, has worked with major auto brands like TVS Motors, Royal Enfield, Mahindra, Ather, and Ola Electric.

Suresh played an integral role in rolling out the iconic products like RE Classic 500, Ather 450, Ola S1. These launches received exceptional response from the consumers. His customer-oriented approach along with customer interactions and feedback sessions helped incorporate them in the new product development.

Commenting on Suresh’s appointment, Dinesh Arjun, Founder, CEO, Raptee, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Suresh to our team. His deep understanding of the EV market and expertise in quality, production, engineering, and supply chain management will be invaluable for our company as we prepare to launch our first motorcycle in the market. Suresh shares our vision of creating sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for the future, and we look forward to working with him to achieve our goals.” 

Suresh being a veteran in the industry, he has a wealth of knowledge about the auto industry. He comes with the experience of handling more than 13 new product launches in his career. His addition to Raptee further strengthens the Company’s growth strategy as the motorcycle launch draws near.

Suresh has managed supplier relationships across India and international markets, including Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Europe, overseeing a vast network of over 200 suppliers. His role in establishing the new plants at Ather and Ola Future Factory underscores his commitment to innovation, quality and cutting-edge manufacturing. 

Commenting on his appointment, C Suresh, Head – Operations, Raptee, said, “I am excited to embark on a journey that aligns perfectly with my passion for sustainable transportation and cutting-edge technology. My primary focus will be to drive excellence in all aspects of our operations and to enhance the experience of our valued customers, partners, and stakeholders. Championing unwavering quality standards in every aspect of our operations geared towards delivering exceptional products and services to our customers. Our goal is not only to provide high-quality electric motorcycles but also to create a seamless and superior customer experience for all the ICE consumers.”

Raptee is gearing up to launch its first motorcycle by early next year. The company is building a premium range of 2W motorcycles that is tech driven and comes with an on-board charger that is compatible with CCS2 charging stations. The motorcycle is indigenously designed and developed in India and Raptee has registered 45+ patents so far. The premium motorcycles will be intuitive and intelligent, with features like Bluetooth connectivity, throttle mapping and blind-spot detection to ensure maximum safety for the riders. The Company recently raised $3 million in Pre-Series A round and has established a new factory in Chennai.

About Raptee

The concept of Raptee was born in 2019 with the sole intention to democratize electric mobility in India. Raptee is a full stack electric motorcycle manufacturer with a very strong technological moat. The company was founded by four engineers from Chennai (Ex Tesla, Wipro) working on to bring a premium electric motorcycle to the consumers of ICE two wheelers. Raptee’s motorcycles are intuitive and engineered to outperform the conventionally powered vehicles, proving that switching to an electric motorcycle is an upgrade. They are intelligent, powerful, energy-efficient and loaded with cutting-edge technology.

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