Vgenomics Secures Seed Funding from Mumbai Angels to Develop Diagnostics and Drugs for Rare Diseases using Tech

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Rare diseases which arise from genetic alterations at birth usually have an average diagnosis period of seven years and a treatment development timeline of 10 to 15 years which presents a lot of challenges for affected children, researchers and clinicians. Vgenomics set out to bridge this critical gap by using cutting-edge technologies like next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence (AI). Recognizing that potential, Mumbai Angels and O2 Angel Network led the seed investment round with participation from notable figures such as Rohit Chanana and Sabine Kapasi and angel investors.

Through this funding, Vgenomics aims to develop its diagnostics solutions and scale existing operations in collaboration with neonatologists, gynaecologists, pediatricians, and clinical geneticists.

Nandini Mansinghka, CEO, Mumbai Angels shared her thoughts, “Vgenomics’ groundbreaking approach to harnessing next-generation, AI-powered sequencing technologies to address rare diseases is commendable. We believe this investment not only validates their innovative strategy but also propels the journey towards impacting the lives of millions of children affected by rare diseases worldwide.”

Logo of Vgenomics

Vgenomics has been able to set itself apart through its next-generation sequencing technologies along with artificial intelligence (AI) to address the complexities of rare diseases present at birth, often caused by alterations in DNA. Through this initiative, Vgenomics seeks to revolutionize the landscape for over 175 million children globally suffering from these conditions.

With a team of distinguished scientists and a cumulative experience of over 35 years, Vgenomics aims to pioneer innovative solutions for rare diseases, ultimately transforming the lives of affected children. This focus becomes particularly crucial in the Indian context, where an estimated 100 million patients struggle with rare diseases, according to the Indian Organization for Rare Diseases (IORD).

Revenue generation for Vgenomics occurs through a customer base that consists of renowned researchers and clinicians from prestigious institutions such as AIIMS, PGIMER, and Dr. Shroff. Prestigious awards from industry partners like the Illumina Grant shows the significance of their work in the field.

This investment by Mumbai Angels helps the venture firm solidify its position as a key player in supporting innovative ventures with the potential to make a lasting impact on society. By expanding its portfolio to include Vgenomics within the 360 ONE ecosystem, Mumbai Angels has put itself at the forefront of fostering technological advancements in healthcare.

Preeti Gupta Lal, Co-Founder and CSO, Vgenomics, shared, “We express our sincere gratitude to our investors for their confidence in Vgenomics. This investment validates our approach and will help us focus on using the next- generation sequencing technologies and machine learning, to develop diagnostics and drugs for rare diseases specific for the Indian population.”

Vgenomics’ Vision for Rare Diseases

Vgenomics, headquartered in Delhi, India, is a pioneering venture led by a team of scientists, bioinformaticians, molecular biologists, and clinicians from India and the USA. With a remarkable portfolio of 200+ research articles 150+ US patents and a collective experience of over 30 years, the team is dedicated to advancing human health.

Dr Rahila Sardar presents the idea of Vgenomics in Global Bio India

Founded by Dr Rahila Sardar, Dr Preeti Gupta Lal, and Sameer Malik, Vgenomics aims to revolutionise personalized medicine. Leveraging cutting-edge genomics and artificial intelligence (AI), the company is committed to developing groundbreaking diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutic solutions for rare diseases. Their mission extends beyond innovation and aims to create a world where every individual, regardless of the rarity of their condition, can access timely diagnosis and effective treatments, ensuring a life of dignity, potential, and hope.

Scientist D, Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital said “Vgenomics has been an invaluable partner in my research journey. As a dedicated researcher, I rely on genomics services to fuel my projects. Vgenomics consistently delivers exceptional results. Collaborating with Vgenomics has not only expedited my research but has also enriched it.”

Vgenomics’ team shows a commitment to societal transformation while emphasizing on values of equity, collaboration, and innovation in healthcare. With a focus on improving the lives of those affected by rare inborn diseases, Vgenomics stands at the forefront of driving positive change in healthcare dynamics.

The Personal Journey behind Vgenomics’ Mission

Vgenomics is not just a venture but a beacon of hope for families who have been struggling with the challenges of genetic diseases.

At the core of the foundation of Vgenomics is a founder whose journey wasn’t motivated by profit but by a scientist’s yearning to bring about meaningful change. The scenario of witnessing families navigating the complexities of genetic diseases struck a chord, especially for a founder who is also a mother.

The struggles of endless diagnosis sessions, the emotional toll of searching for solutions that don’t yet exist—these are the narratives of countless parents. Diseases snatch away the future of these little ones within a mere couple of years. Unable to stand idly by, the commitment was made to change this narrative, driven by the knowledge that solutions existed within the field of expertise.

Dr Rahila Sardar at IIM Nagpur

With a wealth of expertise brought to Vgenomics by the founding members from renowned institutions like Roche, Stanford University and ICMR, the company is redefining the narrative of hope for families facing the unthinkable.

Rahila Sardar, Founder and CEO, Vgenomics, said, “This marks a pivotal advancement in our journey, underscoring the necessity of a scientific strategy tailored for rare diseases. This will help us in uniting organizations dedicated to rare diseases, and establish Vgenomics as the one-stop hub for rare disease solutions.”

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