Uttarakhand based startup, Himshakti, Partners with Hindustan Salts Ltd. to launch Nourishing Gourmet Salts

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At the forefront of culinary innovation, Himshakti Global Foods in partnership with Hindustan Salts Ltd. launched six different gourmet salts suited for different needs. The products are developed by Himshakti and produced by Hindustan Salts Ltd.

Governor Kalraj Mishra, inaugurated the product by reciting the Gayatri Mantra on the occasion of Ganga Dusshera. ‘It is heartening to inform that Hindustan salts holds 12% share of the total produce of salt in India. It is the largest lake salt in Asia’ he stated. Honorable Governor also commended the efforts of HimShakti, an Uttarakhand startup which is collaborating with Sambhar lake Salt to globalize Made In India products. 

The new verticals of India’s healthiest salt products will be exclusively branded and marketed by Him Shakti.

The company has developed different category of gourmet salts for different users viz.

1. Premium category product – the ‘Kshaar’ salt (Naturaly alkalised at pH > 9)

2. Fitness category product – the Fitbalance+ salt.

3. Salt for fasting – the Vratahaar

4. Kala namak

5. Sambhar salt (refined salt for the mass market)

6. Shakambari salt (refined salt for the mass market)

Himshakti Launch

Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shri Tirath Singh Rawat also congratulated Hindustan Salts Ltd and Himshakti on the launch of 6 healthiest salts of India. He further said, ‘ It is a matter of pride for us that a Uttarakhand based startup is bringing these unique salts produced by Hindustan Salts and Sambhar Salts Ltd in the market. This will drastically reduce our dependency on Pakistan’s sendha namak. Today is also the occasion of Ganga dusshera. May maa Ganga bless team Hindustan Salts and team Himshakti. I sincerely pray for their success’.

Commodore Kamlesh Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Salt Limited said that the salt base is prepared by natural method by the subsidiary company of the undertaking Sambhar Salts would be released for sale in the state.

“No marine salt or any other salt in the world is blessed with all these qualities packaged in one product.  This is what makes us the producer of the healthiest and the best organic salt in the world,” he added.

Founder of Himshakti, Harshit Sehdev said, ‘ Ever since we started Himshakti and launched our seasoned salts we wanted to use the best quality salt in our products, whilst Pink Himalayan Salt was considered the healthiest in the market we didn’t want to use it as it is majorly sourced from Pakistan. Our search ended when we found Sambhar Salts Ltd. Today I can guarantee that our products are much better and healthier than the pink salt that is majorly sourced from Pakistan. These six different salts from the Sambhar Lake are going to revolutionize the global salt market.’

The inspiration behind HimShakti

In 2018, Ando Cloe, a French adventure enthusiast with a degree in architecture learnt about Sehdev’s humanitarian work in Didsari. Cloe contacted Sehdev, stating that she wanted to visit the village and help improve the living conditions of the people there.

NGOs are very common in the region, there are a lot of organizations working on providing relief assistance to the villages. We wanted to create something sustainable, where villages themselves could become self-reliant and create opportunities for themselves

Sehdev and Cloe were having a meal with one of the local villagers when they realized that the salt seasoning used by the locals was one of a kind. They used a variety of herbs and other condiments found in the region, along with locally sourced rock salt and crushed it using a mortar and pestle to create a truly unique seasoning. That was the inspiration behind Himashakti- promoting indigenous Himalayan herbs and spices on a global scale.

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