MRF Tyres: Paving the Path From Rubber to Roadways

Discover the remarkable story of MRF, a tale of entrepreneurship, innovation, and becoming India’s premier tyre manufacturer.

Macrogardens: Harvesting Tomorrow’s Tech Trends Today

Macrogardens offers a unique solution in the form of aeroponic towers by making urban agriculture more accessible, space-efficient, and environmentally friendly and transforming the way individuals cultivate their own produce.

Rebel Foods cloud Kitchen on Cloud 9: How it became the largest cloud kitchen chain in the world

In 2011, Kallol Banerjee and Jaydeep Barman launched Fasoos, which was later renamed as Rebel Foods. A closer look at their journey as the company became the world’s largest cloud kitchen chain.

Melanie Perkins’ Canvas: The Colourful story behind Canva

Canva, a young Melanie Perkins’ dream to make designing effiecient for all now boasts a community of over 125 million people worldwide.

The Odyssey of Bill Gates: On the way to building the Tech behemoth

Born October 1985, Bill Gates will go on to change the trajectory of the tech world with his genius. Learn more about his journey.

A YouTube star from humble beginnings: Meet the founder of Trakin Tech, Arun Prabhudesai

Starting from humble beginnings, Arun Prabhudesai established his Youtube channel, Trakin tech, which went to gain 13 million subscribers.

How much of a role do genes play in our future prospects? Genleap revolutionizes career management to guide the future generation

GenLeap, and end-to-end career and life management platform, provides accurate career analysis through the science of genetics.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Domination: The Untold Story of Subway’s Rise from ‘Pete’s Sandwiches’, spearheaded by a 17 year old with $1000!

In 1965, Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck opened Subway, a submarine sandwich restaurant that offered a healthier and more nutritious alternative to fast food. Starting with $1000, the brand will open stores in 102 countries with a yearly revenue of $9 billion.

Indian soul-food in London: DabbaDrop delivers zero-waste takeaway right at your doorsteps

London-based, eco-friendly and zero waste takeaway service DabbaDrop promises fresh and nutritious home cooked takeaways with flavours from all over South Asia.

5 Made In India Brands that you must know this Festive Season

Indian consumers have started shifting from products of western origin to more indigenous and homegrown product, here is a lot of top made in india brands that you should check out before this festive season.

How mirrAR is shaping the future for Indian shoppers

mirrAR is an omnichannel technology firm that lets customers try on items virtually before they decide to buy them.

VECROS: A startup that builds autonomous surveillance drones

VECROS is an autonomous drone-producing company that builds flying machines with a 360-degree object avoidance feature even in GPS-less environments.

Lalita Khaire: A homemaker turned entrepreneur who scaled a small idea into a multi-crore business

Lalita Sanjay Khaire decided to start her own business making kokum sharbat nearly two decades ago and today, she is hailed as “the queen of kokum,” while her company, “Kokanraj,” makes more than Rs 2.5 crore a year.

KFC: From a Gas Station to the Global Fast-Food Sensation

The roots of KFC can be traced to the back room of Sanders’ gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. Follow the journey of KFC from its humble origins to the fast-food giant we know today.

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