Aizawl’s traffic discipline is a lesson for the entire nation

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Long traffic queues have become synonymous with Indian roads. Waiting in traffic is probably something most commuters find irritating. While a lot of people race against each other, trying to surpass every vehicle coming their way, the people of Aizawl have set an example that has amazed the entire country. 

Aizawl traffic
Traffic discipline in Aizawl
Ordained with the title of the ‘Silent City’ of India

There are no traffic lights or divisions of roads. For commuters, merely a whistle of the traffic constable and hand gestures are enough to manage even the busiest of intersections.

The cars move on the left side of the road, and two-wheelers move on the right side. Someone in a rush would only need to beep the horn twice, the driver ahead will understand that they are travelling too slowly or that the person who honked is in a hurry and should be allowed to pass. Once there is sufficient space for the motorist behind to pass, the driver in front moves to the left and lets the other driver pass. The driver then honks the horn again as a sign of appreciation.

Aizawl traffic rules

According to the people of Aizawl, it is part of the mutual respect prevalent in their culture. It is their nature to care for fellow motorists on the road. They do not overtake people brutally and do not change lanes. They take pride in their civic sense and have no intention to trouble others.

The problem of traffic congestion in India
Indian traffic congestion

India’s road network is the second largest in the world. A major share of passenger and industrial transit is conducted on highways.

India has an uneven distribution of vehicles. Automobiles, buses, lorries, trains, motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles are prevalent in most countries. However, in our country, networks of auto-rickshaws and two-wheeled vehicles, as well as bullock carts and hand-pulled rickshaws, have a significant presence as well.

Increased private vehicle ownership and deteriorating road conditions in urban areas are the primary causes of the never-ending traffic congestion. It is impossible for a population as large as ours to maintain the quality of the roads, as most of them are overloaded and severely congested throughout the year. In addition, India’s varied terrain and climate make it incredibly difficult to maintain road quality. Therefore it is imperative that more people are sensitized to the Aizawl model and take inspiration from the incredible display of civic sense and discipline.

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