Unmasking the Truth: Revant Himatsingka’s Quest for Food Transparency and Health Awareness in India via his initiative FoodPharmer

Revant Himatsingka, better known as Foodpharmer, is on a relentless quest to make the Indian audience heath aware through food transparency.

Aizawl’s traffic discipline is a lesson for the entire nation

In Aizawl, there are no traffic lights or dividers on the roads, yet it is one of the most traffic aware cities in the country

Getting to know Reeva Sood, a female agro-entrepreneur who transformed the barren fields of Himachal with her organic farming

Read about the inspiring journey of Reeva Sood, an NGO activist and an agro-preneur as she brought about a renewed interest in organic farming for farmers in Himachal Pradesh

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan: The ‘Rain Man’ of Chennai

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan, popularly known as the ‘Rain Man’, saved Chennai during a fatal water crisis in 2019. A close look into a journey of more than two decades .

Nightbirde, is it really okay?

A close look into the journey of Jane Marczewski as she fights her terminal disease and shines bright.

Mirabai Chanu: From the Woes of Rio to the Wonders of Tokyo

Chanu Mirabai scripts history by clinching a silver medal for India on Saturday in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Jeff Bezos: From an E-Commerce Pioneer to a Space Tycoon

Read about the inspirational journey of former Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, who is all set to travel to space in the Blue Origin rocket.

Hedy Lamarr: Hollywood Glamour to Inventive Genius

Hedy Lamarr, the glamourous Hollywood actress, has more to her than meets the eye; with her ideas inspiring several modern inventions.

Kashmiri Youth Adil Teli’s Record-Breaking Cycling Journey From Kashmir to Kanyakumari is an Inspiring Tale

Read the awe-inspiring story of a young man from Kashmir who set a world record by cycling end-to-end across India in eight days.

World Theatre Day: Remembering the Immortal Legacy of Irrfan Khan

Today, on World Theatre Day, we look back at the legend and his inspiring journey to stardom.

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