Sequoia Spark Fellowship: Offering USD 100k Grants to Encourage and Support Women in Entrepreneurship

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Sequoia Spark is a program for female founders in India and Southeast Asia designed to help more women to build and lead from the front. 

The fellowship program offers a USD 100K grant supported by deep, immersive mentorship – and a broader set of sessions and events that are open to women across the south east Asian region. 

The goal is to encourage more women to build companies. And to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs. 

Benefits of the program

In addition to the USD 100K in grant, as a Spark founder, you will get access to one-on-one mentorship sessions with a dedicated Sequoia India investment team member as well as a founder. You will also be mentored by Sequoia India specialists across marketing, product, technology, hiring and more. To ensure that you can benefit and learn from Sequoia’s wider network, you will also get access to founder talks and deep-dive studio sessions that are part of the Spark program, as well as select Sequoia India events.

Duration and Timelines

This will be a one-year fellowship program that includes regular check-ins and hands-on mentoring as you continue to build your startup in parallel.

The applications for the fellowship are now open and will remain open until September 15th. The first cohort will start in November 2021.

You can apply to the fellowship here:

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