The EV Revolution has started, But what happens to the Old Batteries?

When an EV battery reaches the end of its useful first life, manufacturers have three options: they can dispose of it, recycle the valuable metals, or reuse it.  

Solar Diyas: Are they really green?

Rows of lamps are lit inside and outside homes and buildings on the occasion of Diwali. Diyas are traditionally used for this purpose. Solar Diya are emerging and claimed to be more eco-friendly when compared to the traditional diyas.

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan: The ‘Rain Man’ of Chennai

Dr. Sekhar Raghavan, popularly known as the 'Rain Man', saved Chennai during a fatal water crisis in 2019. A close look into a journey of more than two decades .

Soft Power: How India uses its influence

India may not rank in the Soft Power 30 but does have far more influence in international politics than the rankings credit the country for.

Zerodha: The Story behind India’s Largest Retail Broker

Zerodha, the barrier-free brokerage firm has spent the past decade paving the way to being a top broker while encourging FinTech innovation.

Ford Calls a Quit in India after Steady Downfall Over Years

Ford India has decided to quit India after a time span of more two decades. What went wrong?

Nightbirde, is it really okay?

A close look into the journey of Jane Marczewski as she fights her terminal disease and shines bright.

Milkin Oats: The Oat-based-Milk Startup Serving as the Best Alternative to Dairy Milk

Milkin Oats provides an amazing alternative to dairy milk through their oat milk based products. Their vegan offering is a boon for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

e-Rupi: Government’s Revolutionary Initiative to cater India’s Appetite for Digital Currency

The Indian Government has taken another step forward towards digitalizing the currency system in the country with the launch of an electronic voucher program on August 2, 2021.

EVangelise’21 by iCreate: Electric Vehicle Innovation Challenge with Prizes over Rs. 48 Lakh

EVangelise'21 by iCreate: Electric Vehicle Innovation Challenge with Prizes over Rs. 48 Lakh to identify and support EV innovation